To complete my final piece i must create the ceramic face pieces of Jang Song Thaek, i have decided to use Fimo clay because i can bake it in the oven at home, and the white one looks like porcelain and i would like it to blend in with the white silicone icing.  i have decided to make two pieces of his face, torn in 2, and then use papier mache to create a base for them on the puddle part of the frame that i can pipe over, like the pieces of his face are drowning in the sugar whilst being eaten by the animals. i have also bought a pair of glasses similar to those of Jang Song Thaek because i think this will make him more recognizable in the piece.  I think this has definitely added the edge to my sugary piece that it needed and i am very pleased with how the pieces turned out, if i were to do it again i may add some other limbs into the puddle but i didnt want it to be overly obvious and draw attention away from the top of the piece

below are my progress images and then finally how the pieces look piped into the puddle:

1979764_10154537876090151_3024117434836193347_n 10593143_10154537876230151_8185800179784621834_n

i am really pleased with how this piece came out, i think it looks like Jang Song Thaeks head is drowning in the sugar 🙂10612796_10154537876425151_3636845377025943720_n 10551087_10154537877135151_1283068554702674086_n 10347774_10154537877505151_6630700737044774900_n 10593141_10154537880380151_6773868723107909784_n 1654385_10154537880635151_3088865208068457156_n 10553451_10154537880870151_1784536502794920044_n 10420087_10154537881015151_5168384342414190031_n 10599247_10154537881215151_453398683626058078_n 10616000_10154537881515151_4307079362524837852_n


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