I recently had a tutorial and took my design to my Tutor and a Ceramics artist named Kate Radford for some feedback, for the most part my idea was liked except perhaps it was too sweet and the unsweet side of Kim Jong Un had not been represented yet. This was true and i thought more about it and decided that i need to reference the sweet animals in their non sweet form when they killed Kim Jong Un’s uncle on his command. Therefore i have decided to create a head or a few pieces of a head belonging to Jang Song Thaek and show him at the bottom of the frame being eaten by the sweet animals. I will do it in a subtle manner because i don’t want it to be obvious, i want the viewer to look first at the portrait and the upper frame and see the pure sweetness, the image Kim Jong Un likes to portray of himself and as the frame melts, so does his illusion til it gets to the puddle where at first you think its just full of lovely sweet animals, but the closer you look you see the half eaten face of Jang Song Thaek drowning in sugar ( a metaphor for Kim Jong’s regime and power) and being nibbled on by one of the animals. I think this will better highlight my point about the sugar coating of Kim Jong Un by the media and himself, by also showing the side of him he doesn’t wish anyone to see. But in a subtle enough way that people will not notice it straight away, because that is what seems to happen in the media with stories about him, they do not attract as much attention as those about countries like Syria or Iraq, but his misdeeds are on Parr with those occurring there. 

I have also added a more defined background because i looked at some
Imagery of North Korea and based my sweet candyland landscape off of aspects of that, like his is not only sugar coating his own image but that of his country and his people. So representing his people with happy little gingerbread men is a total contradiction of the starving, poverty stricken miserable people they are. It’s also because they are gingerbread men, they are made of sugar, a throwaway item in todays culture which is just how he treats his people thinking nothing of sending thousands to their death at concentration camps, merely for something simple like using the internet without permission of trying to leave for South Korea. 



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