To create the sweet animals from my design, i sourced some pre made cardboard animals from the internet as the “flump bunny” i made proved too flimsy for sugary decoration, i preferred this because it left more time to think about appropriate methods of decoration without the worry of whether they could withstand the materials. I found Decopatch animals by chance in Hobbycraft and they were perfect! i then went online in search of specific animals i wanted for my display, Mark had suggested a Chihuahua because they are small, innocent and sweet dogs, which he thought would be quite ironic when thinking about the 120 starved dogs that murdered Jang Song Thaek. So i managed to source one chihuahua that i cut in half in order to have him being held in the arms of Kim Jong Un as the illusion of a well loved pet coming out the painting. I will use the bottom half of the dog as entering the dripping melty part of the frame, as an illusion of it entering the fantasy world from the more sinister bottom half of the piece. I also sourced a larger dog which was a Labrador and a spaniel pup, which was far to sweet to miss out. I wanted to use rabbits in this piece also, so i ordered 2 small rabbits to be in the puddle as spectators to the dogs crimes. below are the stock images of the animals i ordered:

41qxMFP6XNL._SY300_ 233155288 CLP1141-500x500 LA103 -500x500 medium_rabbit_sample

i was very pleased with them when they arrived, the sizes worked well with the scale of my piece and they proved very easy to decorate 🙂 i decided to coat them all with different types of chocolate to start with, milk, white and i made a pink chocolate for the chihuahua to add extra sweetness. After coating them with chocolate i left them to dry and some of  them began to crack and decay before i varnished them, the chihuahua stayed perfect because he is in the top half of the painting where the illusion is sweet and perfect, but the others i allowed the chocolate time to decay and go off because its like the illusion is fading in the lower part of the piece. I varnished them using PVA glue because satin varnish had a strange reaction to the chocolate. After varnishing the animals i went about decorating them using the silicone, i had some pink silicone and fake chocolate sauce i brought back from Tokyo a few weeks ago that i had enough of to ice one animal, so i chose the white chocolate rabbit and loved how it turned out. I decided to keep the animals surreal and not give them eyes, just noses on each and tried to make them as contemporary as possible. I used various sweets and biscuits and fake sweets to decorate them and it was a really fun activity! i didn’t want to over decorate them and detract from their obvious animal shapes and forms so they are quite minimal for my usual taste but i like how they turned out 🙂

10569071_10154502847180151_464894544939898856_n 10561686_10154502848280151_8723182539510086355_n 10565076_10154502857365151_5667382053659462525_n 10521696_10154502847525151_1716503825964335920_n 10532468_10154502850090151_3005881943748367096_n 10418849_10154502847930151_2253011700545463789_n 10435071_10154502847365151_3625457270730144181_n 10356130_10154502850465151_4888424220716215097_n 10345991_10154502850260151_7611739950324075984_n 1488083_10154502856890151_3298680936317867025_n 1654215_10154502857100151_5781774815850975632_n

These are the animals when they were chocolate coated, i melted chocolate and used spoons and my hands to coat them completely. Th10584103_10154502847020151_3573393920467361700_n This is the white chocolate rabbit, the white chocolate dried very well and covered the most evenly out of all of the chocolate types. i varnished it before i decorated it to ensure no chocolate came off but it still smells sweet 🙂10304700_10154502846850151_5706361299970211838_n 10353564_10154484772820151_8445459261990458375_n 1975021_10154502845835151_2709229656340779836_n 10384285_10154502846125151_1275940793485782442_n 1780876_10154484772355151_3479914460555597706_n 426006_10154502846290151_2042267391264980034_n i especially like the back of the rabbit and how the sauce and fake icing went together, i used white chocolate stars to decorate even more 🙂

i went on to decorate the other animals, below are the images of them, i wanted to keep them looking surreal and i am pleased with how they turned out and i really enjoyed decorating them:

10527516_10154502832870151_1614930733766444251_n 10456233_10154502832405151_8967855745179352993_n 10383026_10154502833065151_7845855688817660341_n 10557431_10154502832645151_9018013011533186321_n 10518693_10154502832120151_1031165330743152980_n 10411904_10154502830865151_5794847071802109357_n 10592884_10154502831365151_1319930219022076991_n 10569078_10154502831145151_1033315934277090895_n 10563146_10154502786975151_7196137520120760683_n 10537436_10154502785295151_8164496640386107886_nThis one was a bit of fun, i’ve been using ironic love hearts and as this dogs rear is going to be visible and at the bottom of the painting between the world of the sweet and the corrupt, i decided to be funny and ever so slightly crude 😛

10565122_10154502786275151_3740243287436561222_n 10463861_10154502786025151_7471863896513159195_n 10411904_10154502830865151_5794847071802109357_n 10347504_10154502786625151_1937411229003983676_n 7348_10154502831555151_4310582904935801881_n


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