After much research and consideration, the idea i am most passionate about involves the literal sugar coating of the horrific North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un, i’d like to portray him as a the sweet character he feels he is as a direct contradiction of the horrid deeds he has done. It’s a psychological test to see if he were actually coated in sugar, the way the stories of his evil are through the media by only showing them for a few days on international news sites like sky and then erasing them from memory (with no action to stop the deeds from other countries) would he still be as instantly recognizable for his deeds. Or would the public be distracted by beautiful enticing delicious imagery of sweet chocolate animals and piped icing decoration, and forget what the person behind it all is really doing. I am going to expand upon this by having the beautiful sugar frame ( in an ornate baroque style, to elaborate his wealth and power)  melting below onto a sugary puddle filled with chocolate/ sweet animals nibbling on a drowning half head of Jang Song Thaek, the unfortunate uncle of Kim Jong whom he had murdered by a pack of 120 starved dogs.  I think this idea is the best one i’ve had on the project, which has been improved upon by feedback from my tutor and from Kate Radford the Ceramic artist we sometimes work with. I am going to create this piece large scale, and re draw the design to include the head of Jang Song Thaek included, i am thinking of creating it from polymer clay and then using icing to decorate it so that its not an obvious statement, when someone looks down at the puddle it will be visible but wont detract from the sweet beauty of the upper image.

This piece has been influenced by Scott Hove and his cakeland, because of the synthetic sugary materials he uses, it has been inspired by Osamu Watanabe and his decorative use of sweets and by Mark Ryden and how he contrasts beautiful sweet looking imagery with darker imagery to create a beautiful piece of work depth and meaning. It has also been inspired by all of the other artists i have looked at, and inspired by the horror in the media taking place in North Korea. I feel this piece will showcase an issue i have passion for, in a way i haven’t seen used in a political context yet.


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