For me to accurately portray the political figure i want to highlight in my final piece ( and his wrong doings) i need to know about him in detail. I have researched him and have focused upon his actions since becoming leader of North Korea specifically, because this is when he has become more of a public figure and had the power to carry out his hideous crimes against humanity. I find him interesting because he is very concerned with his public image, and likes to showcase himself having lots of public photographs of him with an apparent adoring crowd, when infact if you study the facial expressions of the people around him they look terrified, and rightly so.

Below are some images i have sourced from the internet that highlight Kim’s clear need to look adored and loved by his nation, when in fact they show people in fear and being subjugated.


This is Kim Jong Un with some members of his family, yet his family look more terrified than comfortable. They have reason to be too, due to the recent murder of Jang Song Thaek (Kim’s uncle) and then the shooting of Jang Songs entire family, except for his wife who is Kims aunt. kim-jong-un-visits-childrens-camp football v2-kim1 Picture2 Picture1


Below is a youtube video showing 5 facts about Kim Jong Un, that i found very interesting and some surprising, especially his irrational fear of Barbers and the fact he was schooled in Switzerland. Now i know where his trademark buzz hair cut comes from, he does it himself!



Kim Jong Un; News stories featuring him, that have not been showcased on large scale news networks worldwide ( sugarcoated):


http://news.sky.com/story/1201849/kim-jong-un-shoots-dead-his-uncles-family ( this post stayed online for 3 days, whereas news about a celebrity death or local flooding can stay on for up to a week or more)




Kim Jong Un is 31 years old, yet wants to be adored by his public and feared by them in a way that a small child wants to be spoilt by his parents. He celebrated his birthday by sending each child in North Korea 2.2 pounds of candy, which may seem a lovely gesture but the country lives in abject poverty and squallier. In the city of Pyongyang, exists a city of wealth where only the elite are permitted to live, everyone else who lives in the countryside and other areas of North Korea are considered unimportant and children must often work in the farmlands to get enough for their families to eat. North Korean’s struck by poverty, have been proven to be eating grass to survive, whilst people in the city of Pyongyang, even have Evian Water imported.

article-2624164-1DADC87D00000578-172_964x653 Below are some images stating facts about North Korea that i found interesting:

north_korea_facts_20 north_korea_facts_18 north_korea_facts_12 north_korea_facts_11 north_korea_facts_07 north_korea_facts_03 north_korea_facts_02 north_korea_facts_01

Kim Jong Un is fiercely protective of his reputation as supreme leader, he expects to be revered like a God and worldwide he has become a symbol of someone to be laughed at strangely enough, to be ridiculed for his appearance more so than his hideous crimes. I find it strange that the world is more interested in poking fun at the “fat kid” than dealing with his misdeeds and helping people in his country to regain their freedoms. North Korean citizens are assigned a job by the government when they leave school which they are expected to stay at for their whole lives, they are expected to worship their leader over any religious figure, infact religion doesn’t really exist in North Korea. North Korean children apparently idolize Kim Jong the way American children might idolize Justin Bieber. This poking fun at Kim Jong Un, has been illustrated below in a video from youtube that has gone viral, of superimposing Kim’s face onto various overweight people dancing, and the superimposing Obama’s face onto a person kicking or beating on “Kim”, America and North Korea are at loggerheads and have a turbulent relationship with propaganda videos depicting the burning of the White House being regularly released in North Korea, yet America are yet to perform air strikes or try and enter North Korea the way they have entered Countries like Iraq and Afghanistan?



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