Carl Warner is an artist who specialises in creating elaborate fantasy landscapes from food which he then photographs and add’s backgrounds to to create stunning images. The collection i was drawn to look at were landscapes made from sweets, i chose to look at him because it will provide me with inspiration if i need to create any fantasy foodie scapes of my own. I find that his work has little contextual value to it, he seems to create for the sake of creating beautiful images, but they are visually stunning and this is enough for his work. He creates his pieces using real food on large boards to create huge models of landscapes, all of the objects featured in the images are real except for the skies which are added using a green screen. I think this use of photography and sculpture shows amazing skill and imagination. Although i have not been inspired to use his techniques in my final piece as i am aiming to have something standing and sculptural rather than a flat image, he has rather more inspired me how i could use confectionary as imagery in landscapes. below are some of my favorite pieces of his work:

article-2229780-15E96972000005DC-171_964x567 chocolate_1739095i Salami-Mountain-594x805 31cdcba7590a26d4415386cfbc0b0ffa


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