I have decided to look at artists for my FMP who also work with imagery of sweets, not just the real thing, this gives me a chance to use my drawing skills which are at the moment my most developed skills, i have decided to look at an artist named Rudy Fig, she is an illustrator, painter and she also creates custom blythe dolls and sculptures. She often uses the forms of sweet things in her work like candy and cake and icecream, but she combines them often with lurid sexual connotations and nudity, i find this interesting because its contrasting something so innocent with something so sexual. I am also an enormous fan of her work, her paintings are flawless and i love the bold pop colours she uses, she also draws in a very interesting and asthetically pleasing way and her characters are always memorable to me.  Rudy fig is 24 years old and her work has been showcased worldwide in galleries, her favorite medium is oil paint but she also works in clay, ceramics and coloured pencils. I find that most of the artists i really like all have their work showcased a gallery called “ThinkSpace” in Washington DC (Culver city to be precise), maybe one day i can get up there with all the artists i love and exhibit there too 🙂 it always displays a range of cool kitschy work.

here are some of my favorite pieces from Rudy Fig:

this is one of her earlier pieces from when she was 19!

 this one doesnt show sweets but i still love it ❤

this young lady is both topless and wearing cakes, strange combo! Rudy Fig sells her original paintings for thousands of dollars and does a print run of 50 per piece that sell out almost instantly.

this is one of her famed “Candy Snails” i love how she creates such depth with her oil paints whilst keeping the colours quite flat

i am going to have a go at Rudys Style myself, but with my own touches like using my own style to create the faces 🙂 I am going to use acrylic paint for the first piece of hers i do, and i have chosen to base it upon this image:

i like this image, because of the colours and the painterly style but also because the way sweets have been combined with the nudity, but also the chocolate sauce has been arranged to look like its a dripping skull, which adds connotations of death and mortality to something that is normally seen as innocent and childlike.

my painting started out terrible as all paintings do:

but i built up many layers of acrylic paint and then it started to have the smooth effect Rudy’s do, it wont be as smooth as hers due to her using oil paint and me using acrylic on cardboard, but i like how its going:

its almost finished 🙂 i just have the details to put on the hat and corset and the odd bit of touching up to to, but i am very pleased with this first attempt and very much enjoyed painting it!

here are some more examples of Rudy Figs work, because i cant get enough of it!


this one is my favorite of her pieces 🙂


my finished piece of hers: 1661655_10153812805905151_1064327897_n

and here are my sketchbook pages on her, i analysed one of her paintings and its links to ideas of feminism.

1780662_10153812806310151_1597982051_n 45169_10153812806555151_923502059_n


I am unsure of whether her style will be useful to my project as i am approaching a very political based idea, but i found her interesting and an exciting artist to look at and has helped me to improve my painting skills which i dont get to practice very often. So if i end up using painting in my final piece then this will have been a very useful artist study!



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