Osamu Watanabe is a Japanese Visual artist known as the King of Kawaii ( the Japanese word for cute), he creates stunning work with the use of fake sweets and silicone whipped cream. I discovered him in my recent trip to Tokyo whilst browsing a book shop, i bought his book home and it has provided endless inspiration for this project from piping techniques to materials and colour schemes. 


Osamu Watanabe/Artist of Contemporary Art
2003: He graduated Tokyo Zokei University as a design major

He became popular with his art decorations of sweets, and he is the first person who made them as one ART form. He appeared in some Japanese TV shows such as “Tokyo Kawaii TV”(NHK) and “Tetsuko no heya special”(Special program-Tetsuko’s room-). He is called the prince of sweets in art industry.

He creates figures of candies, fruits and even whipped cream with his elaborate and colorful design. He held exhibitions not only in Japan but also all over the world like China, Italy, Belgium, Turkey, the United States, and Korea.


Osamu’s work has astounded me and inspired this project’s chosen materials ( silicone to create forms resembling icing and sugary forms) and i wish to carry on further from this project creating things inspired by him, He has been known as a Jackson Pollack of sorts, because he is the first to utilise materials in the way that he has. This contemporary decorative art is not as popular in western countries who still enjoy the work of contemporary conceptual art and minimalism, but i hope the craze for decorative art makes its way to the UK soon because it suits me greater than any other art i have been inspired to create. 

Below are some of my favorite images from the book i bought:

temptation 4970514770_c9fc30ded6_b Exif_JPEG_PICTURE 4969900547_a5c8bee844_b 4969902523_b45a00b750_z images (3) 5223496076_c66be5724e_o Eagle-chocolate-Watanabe sucretable 9784861008108

His work varies from large scale to very small, and he makes all of the components himself right down to the polymer clay sweets and roses, some are also made of acrylic. I like how his work contradicts itself in a way, perhaps without his intention, because his work looks delicious and edible and tempting, especially the chocolate pieces. But if you tried to eat one you would become very ill indeed! So sweet, that is unsweet? like his book title. I have tried out some of his techniques and intend to use them within my final piece. I drew my own version of his famed swan sculpture here, and tried piping some silicone myself using a tube of window sealant silicone, a silicone gun and a piping nozzle taped on:

15211_10154538654015151_4019433222418117450_n 426006_10154502849085151_8492022842290166368_n 10383653_10154502849405151_880720057578155143_n 10429497_10154502848880151_3644931119987383124_n 10446558_10154502849290151_2483537754422880832_n


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