My Final major project now has its theme and working title, now the fun stuff begins! I get to experiment with lots of lovely sweet materials and see what i can create with them and how i can link them to the political messages i am interested and passionate about conveying!

I am looking currently at some different artists who work with sugar and experimenting with their techniques, the first one i am attempting is to make sugar crystals 🙂 this was inspired by Timothy Horns sugar crystal covered chandelier and carriage.

I looked online at how to make sugar crystals and the instructions were as follows:

  1. boil water in a pan
  2. dissolve sugar into the pan continuously until no more will dissolve, this is the difficult part because if you dissolve too much it wont work
  3. add your choice of food coloring
  4. put the hot sugar water in a jar and then dip your chosen object in it and cover with a cloth
  5. leave for 7 days


boiling the water:)

1489273_10153642217195151_337831205_ndissolving the sugar and adding food colouring

1466238_10153642217090151_1086784282_nthe mixture in a jar

1441195_10153642216770151_490766428_ni chose a toothbrush as my object because of the irony that something used to clean your teeth is coated in teh sugar you remove from it, i think it would look quite interesting crystallized


Experiment 2:

This next experiment involves caramelizing sugar and then using it to cover objects and create abstract forms doing so, i also will see how the sugar looks when solid on a flat surface and stick it in my sketchbook for reference.

To caramelize the sugar i first heated a pan to a medium heat, added caster sugar and also a little bit of lemon juice , this will stop the sugar from crystallizing straight away so that i have time to work with it.

The sugar caramelizing looks quite interesting in itself in its various stages:



i stirred the sugar as it melted and it went a soft brown colour, this is when its ready to use when its in its liquid state, i decided to try coating an artists wooden mannequin because it symbolizes someone drowning in the sugar they consume, the way it restricts the body and its movement on the doll references how when we consume too much sugar it clogs our arteries and weighs us down.

1501735_10153642215030151_1755154165_ni also think it will change the connotation of sugar and make it look like a sinister object regardless of the sweetness of the material.

1479109_10153642213515151_434226750_ni poured the sugar over the mannequin and scooped the leftover caramelized sugar on with a spoon, it was very hot so i had to be very careful not to burn myself and also to get the mannequin covered before the sugar solidified, i think though i should have used less lemon juice because the structures created by the sugar were not strong enough to stay up.1479537_10153642213100151_366075654_n 1483275_10153642212925151_1864489261_n

i built up the sugar in stages, i used half a bag of sugar on both this and the sugar crystal experiment which makes for a cost efficient project if i were to use any of these techniques in my final piece

1466189_10153642211760151_1112915679_n 994068_10153642211505151_794226958_ni like the dripping of the sugar, i think the direction of it implies the motion of running away, or trying to but the form is too restricted to do so, it creates a feeling of being trapped within the sculpture which i could explore in future creations in this project, is this a feeling i want to convey? it would contrast the feeling of sweetness and innocence implied within my choice of materials.

1474555_10153642210140151_1421098097_n 1468797_10153642210835151_1205736858_ni really liked when the sugar created these forms behind the mannequin, but these are the ones that were not strong enough to set, so next time i will try using less lemon juice so it hopefully sets quicker

988387_10153642209840151_558717025_nthe finished piece looks quite sinister which is what i was aiming to do, to contrast my materials with meaning.

1505040_10153656932150151_2012950684_n 1483360_10153656931980151_1708726279_nthese are images taken at college where the light was better for photographing, i like this technique and would like to try it again once i have decided upon a message to convey within my work, i also want to experiment with sticking things in the sugar like other sweets and colouring the sugar, i could also experiment with creating hanging pieces with this sugar that could like quite abstract and exciting.

988430_10153642210330151_1557461668_nhere the sugar is on a flat surface, it makes quite interesting patterns when you tap on it and crack the sugar also.

these were my first 2 experiments for my FMP, i intend to do one experiment per week or more so that i can cover most if not all areas of discovery within the uses of these sugary materials, next experiment…. Flump bunnies!









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