My FMP proposal states that my FMP will challenge the idea of political sugar coating in society, how news stories and political figures are shrouded in imagery of public appearances appeasing the adoring crowds and humour. My first proposal was that it could cover many aspects of sugar coating in society, not just political, and i also have explored in my research sugar on a literal level as a tool of bribery by modern day parents.

An extract from my proposal:

The physical and psychological effects of sugar on society implies that I will be investigating a range of topics involved with sugar, be that the “sugar coating” of issues in the media to how sugar in the form of sweets is used in society and culture. The project will first begin as a paper based project heavy on research into artists that have addressed these issues and used sugar and sweets as materials in their work, I will experiment with different techniques of using sugar in all forms in my art work and how I can use it to evoke a political meaning. The project will progress through experimentation and research to create a final piece relating to this topic and its political connotations.

So far i have 3 initial ideas which i have illustrated in my sketchbook and you can see below, these have been fueled by artist research which you can see in the following post


Sugar Coating a Political figure: The idea i had here, is that although the media sugar coats the actions of political leaders and figures by not showing or accurately showing certain stories and articles, what would happen if you were to literally coat these figures, especially the most horrible in real sugar and imagery that the human mind tells you is pleasant and desirable. Sweets and sugary items are appealing in looks and smell and taste, so the mind tells you they are desirable, if you were to coat people who were recognizable as horrible and hated in this desirable imagery, would they be as immediately hated or detested. Would the first impression be influenced by the sweet imagery and dampen the hatred felt towards the character who is being obscured by sweets? I like this idea because i’ve never attempted to send a political message within my work so it would be a new challenge for me, and a way of broadening my artistic language. I also feel passionately about particular political issues and horrific leaders, that i would use within this idea and hopefully the passion i have for them would help me to create a powerful piece. I would also like the opportunity to use sugar a material, but with a purpose so this would be a good idea to pursue, and i am not ever going to be short of corrupt political leaders and issues so its a subject with alot of research possibilities.


The second idea i have relates to the use of sugar in modern day society as a tool of bribery, in my proposal i said i would look at both political and social issues and this is a social issue i feel is close to home because i see it everywhere even within my own friends and family. I see quite regularly that children are being bribed with sugar and sweets to behave, or threatened to not have any if they exhibit bad behaviour, i find this be an unhealthy concept because children should not associate good behaviour with something that is damaging to their health, why is something so toxic viewed as a treat and an incentive to exhibit positive social behaviours and manners? It happens with adults too, even i have been known to think that after a bad day i “Deserve” something sweet because i believe it will make me feel better, though this act is doing untold damage to my body and mind? Sugar is a toxic substance, especially artificial sugars found in jelly sweets and cheap accessible penny sweets, which for them being so accessible they can cause alot of damage if consumed regularly. Sugar has been known to cause diabetes, high fructose syrup rots your teeth and can lead to problems with your liver. I have read countless articles condemning sugar and sweets, and their damning effects on the human mind and body, yet we still idolise sugar as a solution to so many things socially, when a woman is on her period she eats chocolate, but its psychologically drilled into you through advertising that it will make you feel better, when chocolate is actually known to cause migraines? So we contradict what sugar does and what we believe it does on a daily basis and i feel it should be addressed as type 2 diabetes is on the rise, cancer can be caused by sugar and especially in children its contributing highly to childhood obesity and heart disease. My idea was to use children, because imagery involving children is alot more hard hitting and controversial and shocking, and combining their bodies with sweets in a way that looks grotesque and frightening, like the pun of how sugar “rots the brain” by having marshmallows protruding from ears and eye sockets. I was inspired by Mark Ryden in this idea and will look at his work. I am not as passionate about this idea because it feels as though it has been more done than my previous political idea, but i shall explore it nevertheless.   I found an example of an article that showcases the damning effects of sugar which may be of use to me in future research: http://authoritynutrition.com/10-disturbing-reasons-why-sugar-is-bad/


My third idea is a more conceptual idea, based around an idea for an installation piece i have already have, almost referencing my second idea of wanting what is bad for us and the fatal human flaw. It involves creating an interactive piece testing whether when faced with the chance of sweet sugary satisfaction, a person will take it even though it contradicts everything you are taught as a child about not accepting sweets from strangers or taking things that don’t belong to you etc. The idea is a wall completely covered in protruding porcelain hands, some hands open offering packets of sweets and sugar items, whilst other hands arranged in more threatening positions like fists and thumbs down. It’s a rough idea, but i think it could have some standing but is not as well researched or thought out as the first 2, and it doesnt involved using sweets as a material, unless the more threatening hands were holding some sorts of weapons made of sugary objects, like when you melt sugar i could mould knives from it, which would look both delicious and threatening at the same time.


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