I have decided to look at the chapman brothers because of the quirky, sinister and often disturbing art they create. And i think it will be interesting to try and combine these characteristics with sugar to create a stark contrast. The Chapman Brothers pieces in the 2 images i decided to draw depict the faces of innocent children and their body parts in a twisted, contorted sculpture that creates a far more disturbing image than would normally be assosciated with childhood and childlike imagery. I find this interesting, also mildly disturbing but i think thats what they are going for.

The Chapman brothers are english artists that create deliberately shocking work, the majority of their work is inspired by events that happened before their time, such as the Holocaust, they often choose events that happened way before their time like in the case of the Holocaust that was 30 years before they were even born. The holocaust scenes they create often hint at things that could’ve happened during that time, referencing social and political events. I thought it could also help me when i am deciding how to depict sweets, relating to political and social events in Korea perhaps, or just how to depict sweets in a disturbing context themselves. 

Their work plays on todays obsession with gore, sexuality and death, yet they know that the closest most people will come to experiencing such things is through artificial outlets like films and television. People have a sick craving to hear about such things, like when we watch horror films its to fulfill that craving, yet when they are placed infront of thing like that, especially in art, we are disturbed and find it offensive. By taking ideas from so long ago and bringing them to the now, it highlights the line between what we are seeing and what actually happened like ” it allows people to pretend they are not part of a society that does these things”. 

I dont personally enjoy the work of the Chapman Brothers, but i appreciate their message and i have been inspired by their sculptural forms in particular, so i may explore using sculpture in my work. I am also inspired by how they are able to showcase violence and acts of war in modern conceptual ways, which is something that will help me if i choose the politcal idea i had. below are my images from my sketchbook pages on them:

10309655_10154502783315151_3555969828796623502_nThis one is an image from “My giant colouring book” i was drawn to it because it’s initally inspired by a sweet childs toy, but has been depicted in a grotesque and abused condition, and its that combo of sweet and grotesque that initially helped inspire my Kim jong un idea.

Below is an image of the 1997 sculpture, DNA Zygote, i just found it very strange and interesting to draw, and i honestly hadn’t seen anything like it before.


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