My next experiment for my FMP (3rd one this week! i am on a roll!) will be to try sculpting using marshmallows in different forms such as regular marshmallows and also Flump marshmallows because i love the colours in them. This is a material i have wanted to try using for a while, and in summer after re-discovering flumps in the supermarket i came up with my own original character : The Flump Bunny, its a cute soft character i was considering for a childrens story, but i am going to use it as my jumping off point for using marshmallow in my work because if i can make a decent rabbit from marshmallow then the possibilities are endless! below is my original character i designed that inspired this idea:

IMG_9212i painted it for fun using acrylic and water colour paints, i am glad i get to use it as part of my FMP !

i am also first going to look at real rabbits and think about the shapes and the structure of them as to how i can make them using marshmallow:

i’d like to make  few of these sculptures so i really get a handle on using marshmallow, i’d like them in different positions too so it looks like they could be moving 🙂

here’s a few rabbits for inspiration:


i also need to look at sculptures of rabbits, regardless of the material to see how people have created versions of them before:

i liked this one because of the movement in it and its position makes it appear realistic regardless of the material

this one is very simple, which may be a good inspiration for my first try, i need to think also will my sculpture be hollow, or will i make the inside out of something light weight like tin foil and then cover it with marshmallows?

this one is just very sweet!

now my materials:

ImageGen tumblr_l07m9lVLXI1qzzefvo1_500_thumb Favim.com-7281

characteristics of my material:

very soft and malleable

can easily be stuck together by exposing the sticky inside of the marshmallow, by heating the marshmallow or just by conventional glue, i like the idea of mixing toxic glue in with the marshmallow to make it look sweet, but really be very dangerous like my other experiments so far.

cheap and easy to get hold of

Problems of my material:

may be quite flimsy

could break apart when rigorously manipulated

will disintegrate over time , though this could be a benefit if i wanted my work to have a temporary effect

Below are the images from my sketchbook detailing this experiment, i found it challenging to create a rabbit sculpture from such a malleable material. I created the innards for the sculpture from paper and masking take, to keep it light weight like a marshmallow is. But this at times crumbled under the weight of the marshmallows, i varnished my piece with PVA glue because it because very sticky in a matter of days and i wanted to see if i could preserve it for longer.

575430_10153661629640151_1225613143_n 2560_10153661630040151_840275453_n - Copy 1486853_10153661629840151_1741874133_n - Copy 1525328_10153661630780151_2135472478_n - Copy 1468668_10153661630535151_531592193_n - Copy 1515028_10153661628845151_1654937995_n 1461855_10153661628655151_1058350738_n 1466032_10153661628430151_1284477575_nThis is my progress so far, the flumps are quite difficult to work with when they become sticky but i will persevere, but if i use sweet based animals in my work which i am quite keen on because of the prominent news story featuring the murder of kim jongs uncle using innocent starved dogs as murderers. Then i will think of ways of creating animals that are more durable and realistic looking, perhaps purchasing pre fabricated figures to adorn with sweets as opposed to building them from scratch, as artists i think its ok to utilise the works of other artists or manufacturers to aid your own ideas to support the industry 🙂

here is continued progress: 1511292_10153736080995151_44339851_n 1528668_10153736081525151_951557624_n 1499632_10153736081620151_1603148297_n 995860_10153812803130151_1997197767_n here i tried melting some marshmallows to see if i could create a rabbit sculpture from that, alas it just burnt and went very sticky and impossible to work with.



My finished marshmallow rabbit piece looked a bit too crafty for my liking, and a little frightening compared to the cutesy sweet piece i was trying to create. It was a fun activity that certainly tried my patience at times but it’s helped me learn more about a potential material i could use and the journey is just as important as the final outcome 🙂 i varnished the rabbit with PVA glue after because in a few days it became sticky and started to decay, which is an idea i can explore with other pieces because decay can be beautiful but i’d like to preserve my first attempt at using this material for future reference.





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