FdA Art & Design Project (FMP)  ART016-2

The Physical and Psychological Effects of Sugar on Society and Culture


SECTION ONE – The Final Major Project (guide 100 words)
The physical and psychological effects of sugar on society implies that I will be investigating a range of topics involved with sugar, be that the “sugar coating” of issues in the media to how sugar in the form of sweets is used in society and culture. The project will first begin as a paper based project heavy on research into artists that have addressed these issues and used sugar and sweets as materials in their work, I will experiment with different techniques of using sugar in all forms in my art work and how I can use it to evoke a political meaning. The project will progress through experimentation and research to create a final piece relating to this topic and its political connotations. 
SECTION TWO – Influences, Research, Sources and Ideas (guide 100 words)

I was first influenced by this theme by artist Timothy Horn and his sculptures created in crystallized rock sugar, I also read an article in the guardian about how MP’s were accused of giving sweets out to children to bribe parents into voting for them, this caused me to think about the political connotations behind the use of sweets and how they are actually used in ways that contradict the sugary innocent nature of sweets and candy. I am also led in this theme by the idea of “sugar coating” like the way the media sugar coat issues they believe are less important to public knowledge. I will research how sweets are used currently in society, how they are made and ways of manipulating the materials used to make them and ways of manipulating the sweets themselves. I will look at newspapers and whether particular issues are being “sugar coated” and given less importance than others. I will look at reliable newspapers such as the Guardian and the Times, I will use the BBC website and I will use the university library and the Southbank Magazine to look for artists I can research. Some artists I have already found to look at are Rudy Fig, a painter who uses sweets and pop colours in her paintings to contradict the sexual subjects she uses. Erno-Erik Raitanen who created a wall entirely of cotton candy and Australian due Pip and Pop who have made amazing sculptures from various candy.


SECTION THREE – Techniques, Processes and Timetables (guide 150 words)
The techniques I intend to experiment with include the manipulation of different sweets, using them to sculpt, melting them, freezing them and painting/drawing onto them. I am also going to make a colorgraph out of sweets to print with, look at the patterns on the various sweets and create mono prints and lino prints of them. I am going to sculpt with sweets such as marshmallows, I will use a chefs blowtorch to experiment with how burning effects the sweets and I will experiment with how I can coat objects in sweets to give contrasting opinions and viewpoints. I will experiment with combining illustration with the sweets also. I think this will be an interesting medium to experiment with because sweets come in many different shapes, colours and consistencies as some are soft and flexible like marshmallows and others are very hard like toffee.  I aim to experiment with one of these ideas at least once a week so that I have explored every possible avenue for the use of sweets in art and have a sketchbook full of ideas and a solid final piece ready for the deadline on June 6th. I will also consider how I can display any work I create and with each new potential idea I will come up with display ideas incase it becomes the chosen idea.
SECTION FOUR – Method of Evaluation (guide 150 words)
To critically evaluate my work I will at the end of each week review my progress and document its success, whilst listing any other inspiration I have had during the week from the experimentations and research. My visual production of ideas will be presented in a well organised sketchbook and with a selection of maquettes of practical work created during the process of idea development. How I present my finished outcome will be decided during my project because I will need to test out several display methods, it will most likely be presented in the Gallery space at the store but I will be open and looking for other suitable and attainable locations once the production of my piece has begun, when I develop a range of ideas I will simultaneously develop a range of display ideas for each one so that I am presented with a range of display options that will showcase my work in a way it makes the most impact.
APPENDIX – Use this appendix for your bibliography and/or action plan for your Final Major Project










from Pip and Pop’s Website – Candy worlds




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