Online Presence: Ways of Advertising using Social Media

I have been investigating in this unit ways of using social media to advertise my work, I have had success using the photo sharing platform, Instagram which you can see in this folder section. This success has been a lot of likes and comments from the public and shout outs from those with more followers, this is basically just a way of advertising your work to people with similar tastes on a world wide scale. I have also tried out professional social media like Talent House and Linked In, which are for professional and upcoming designers from all aspects of the art and design world. Other methods I have seen of marketing your work using the internet include having a website or online portfolio for your work, there are 2 artists that I think have particularly good websites which are shown below. They are clear but eye catching and what I aim for when I am designing my own web page.


These are the home pages for artists Glenn Arthur and Sam Pierpoint, they are illustrative based artists and their webpages are easy to navigate but visually interesting. Websites are also excellent for having shops on so people can buy your work, and through the use of their Facebook Art Pages and Instagram sites they advertise their work and encourage you to buy it from their websites. This is something I could utilize for my own work.

I’ve seen a lot of artists use facebook pages to advertise their work, but I find unless you are well established as an artist its hard to gain recognition on a facebook page, because you just end up with a selection of friends and family “liking” your page because they know you, its not easy to be found on a facebook page like it is on a website with your direct company or individual name on it. I also think facebook pages are unprofessional unless you are already set up with an established business and it is just used for fans or interacting with fans of your work. Twitter is also used as a method of social advertising, but I find it quite an irritating form of social media and choose not to use it.


Online Presence: Using Facebook to advertise



I have not used facebook for advertising my work much, because I find facebook art pages to look unprofessional unless you already have a large enough following for your likes to not be restricted to friends and family. But I did send an image I did to an artist page on facebook, where it was shared and I gained recognition on this basis as you can see above. When I do an artist reference, I tend to email the artist an image of it, mainly for feedback but also because things like this can happen. It’s an excellent way of showing versatility as an artist and it’s a good way of making contacts with other existing artists who are succeeding in the industry and may be able to give you tips on it.  I also find it flatters the artist and this is a good move if you every want to ask their advice or ask how they create their techniques.


Online Presence: Talent House



Talenthouse.com is a website dedicated to designers, musicians, photographers and artists and it hosts an abundance of competitions for different companies and individuals which you can enter for free. It’s also a place where you can set up your own creative invites for other designers to collaborate with you on projects. I have entered two competitions through talent house and have found it a very useful website, you can also find lots of inspiration by scouring through the users on talent house. I upload regular pictures of my updated work to Talent house but due to a recent website update my profile was wiped and I had to start again and I have just begun to start gathering supporters ( people who follow your art work) and begun looking for the artists and designers I was previously supporting. The competitions on this website often have excellent prizes and there are 2 prizes available, a winner is chosen by the company or person running the competition, and also there is a peoples choice to other members of the talent house community vote and you can win competitions that way. I do find there can be only a few art and illustration related competitions every few months, but there are plenty for the likes of photography and musicians so it is an excellent website for their use. I’ve had a talent house portfolio since my first year of university and regularly use it when finding inspiration.

Online Presence: LinkedIn


Linkein.com is like social media for professionals, it enables you to network and gain new contacts in your field of business or others you might be interested in. It is currently used by business’s large and small, like Virgin and Walt Disney. On this website you follow companies or individuals you are interested in or are professional contacts, here you can send ideas to them, receive information about job or placement vacancies and post up images and projects you are working on. I joined linkedin in September and currently have 65 connections, these include people from the University, freelance artists and illustrators and people in the advertising industry. So far I have uploaded images and projects on a weekly basis and although I haven’t received much attention on there so far its excellent for getting inspiration from other people on how they run their business’s.  My linkedin profile features one of my logo ideas, but I change it regularly to keep it interesting. On my linkedin I listed my skills and experience, and what I would like to expand my interest in and things I would like to learn incase I come across people who could help me in these areas. I’vefound linked in to be a useful part of my online presence and is more professional than some other types of social media.


Online Presence: Instagram10250273_10154171291735151_240514747627519949_n 10294468_10154171291520151_3290949299008244309_n

For the past year I have been using a profile on Instagram to share my work and promote it. Instagram is a photo sharing application that works worldwide and has proved as popular as Twitter and Facebook. Because of the nature of it being photo sharing its become popular with artists and designers because you can share imagery of your work, I am careful to never show finished work or high quality images of work on here, I use them at thumbnail size so that they cant be stolen and used by someone else. (less than 150 dpi)

I have been building up followers on here and currently have the number above, this is a decent sized following and I aim for it to keep growing. It has also taught me what work I do is popular and what isn’t because if you post something that isn’t well liked then you lose followers and this is a good way for me to monitor whether my work appeals to the general public on a large scale. I have screen shots of images I have uploaded to instagram and I use the amount of likes and comments I get on each piece to gauge how popular that style of work is, you hashtag your pictures to get them shown in different circles, I use art related hash tags or subject related hash tags for my work. On the next few pages are examples of pieces I have uploaded and the amount of attention they have received, this is not just marketing but market research.

insta2 insta1 insta3 insta4





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