I previously researched an illustrator, paper artists and graphic designer called Sam Pierpoint from Southampton, i decided to email her asking if i could perhaps shadow her for a day or two to learn some paper crafting techniques from her and see what her studio is like. I was very fortunate to get a reply from her asking if i would like to volunteer on a future project, this is to happen in a month or 2’s time and i will be contacted with the details nearer the time. Below is our email correspondence and also she asked me to add her on facebook so that i can see her upcoming work and we can keep in touch. I think i have made a useful and interesting contact in this artist and i am looking forward to working with her.


Hi Megan,

Thanks for getting in touch and thanks so much for the kind words too!
Am actually going to be working on a new project soon where I’ll be making a paper dress which will be worn in a photo shoot. I’m looking for volunteers to help me make the dress so definitely let me know if you are interested it would be lovely to meet you!
I’m not sure when it would be but hopefully within the next few months.
Let me know what you think,

On Friday, 7 March 2014, megan cox wrote:

Hiya 🙂 i\’m a student at the university of bedfordshire studying fine art, i absolutely love your work (especially Land Before Time, its stunning!)and am interested in your creative process and wonder whether you\’d ever consider allowing a student to shadow you for a day, i love all kinds of paper craft art and illustration but am having trouble getting my head around it and would love the opportunity to see how you work. i understand this is a long shot 🙂 and dont worry if your busy, if it helps i make good tea! thanks , megan

this was her response to me, with my first email underneath, she was very friendly which was nice, and i’ll be very pleased to have the opportunity to work with her.
Hiya 🙂

thank you so much for replying! and that would be lovely thank you! 😀
 i’m very interested and would love to help out whenever your ready

Samantha Pierpoint <sam@sampierpoint.com>

15 Mar

to me
Fantastic! Well I’ll be in touch soon and will send over the details of what I’m planning to do with the project nearer the time. If you’re still interested in coming over to help out then we can arrange a date.

Are you on Facebook? Add me if you are 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/sampierpoint2
All the best,
Now i have a new contact and also some work experience for the summer working on something very exciting 🙂

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