https://www.talenthouse.com/i/create-portraiture-for-the-pierces- link to the competition

The competition is run by talent house, an website directory of artists, designers, musicians and film makers. It is a place for people to enter competitions from brands and companies, and launch their own collaborations with other artists/designers.I have had a talenthouse account for a year now and this competition will be my first submission.


The Pierces are back with their new album ‘Creation’ and are looking for artists, illustrators and designers to produce portraiture of the band.

The two sisters want artists to take inspiration from their song ‘Kings‘ and represent the hypnotic melody from the track through portraiture.

One artist as selected by The Pierces will have their artwork produced into a limited edition print that will be sold on the bands e-commercestore.

I must first listen to the song to try and get to grips with the vibe of their music and see what imagery springs to mind, it must also be influenced by “Kings” the title.  The brief has also said we should be inspired by this :

How should you interpret the album ‘Creation‘ through art?

Alison and Catherine are looking for interpretations that are drawn from the style of their latest track ‘Kings‘. Watch the video and you will instantly get a sense of the band’s music and personal style and they’re looking for you to mirror this in your work.

Here’s an extract from the lyrics; the full lyrics can be found on the tab labelled ‘Lyrics’

We all want the highest towers
And the valleys at our feet
We are counting down the hours
‘Til our life and love will meet


The Pierces — comprised of photogenic sisters Catherine and Allison. Home-schooled by their musician father and painter mother, the Pierce girls were encouraged in the arts from a young age. Moving to New York City, the Pierces worked day jobs, continued writing songs, and performed acoustically at clubs and residences around town. The perseverance paid off in the form of a record deal — with Universal Music Group — and the release of another album, 2005’s ‘Light of the Moon’. The Pierces return with a new album, ‘Creation’, which is due out on Polydor on June 2nd.



This is the Pierces 🙂 luckily its true they are very photogenic and will be enjoyable to draw. The prize for winning this competition is:

The artist as selected by The Pierces will receive:
  • Their design produced into a limited edition print to be sold via The Pierces e-commerce store
  • £1000 ($1670)* towards their creative work
  • Exposure across The Pierces online channels
  • Signed print of their work

there is also another prize for the favorite piece chosen by the Talent House Community:

The artist as selected by the community and The Pierces, will receive**:

  • A creative consultation with the band to ask about their artistic inspiration
  • Tickets to see them live at any date of the artist’s choosing
  • Exposure across The Pierces channels
Here are the important dates to remember when entering this competition:
  • Submit By: May 29, 2014 at 10:00 AM
  • Voting Starts: May 29, 2014 at 10:00 AM
  • Voting Ends: June 4, 2014 at 10:00 AM
  • Winner Announcement: June 18, 2014

Now i must get onto the designing work, first i shall brainstorm whilst watching the music video what imagery and colours spring to mind:

  • suns and moons, but realistic shaped
  • grunge
  • hippy
  • native american
  • dark colours with flourescent bits
  • tree branches
  • sun bursts
  • kaleidoscope
  • repition of photography
  • guitar
  • aztec throne
  • angel wings
  • black birds
  • lion
  • roses
  • leoppard
  • psychedelic imagery
  • layering of images
  • dance
  • drum
  • kings- potential for a crown with a sun in?
  • colours in negative
  • yoga position

pierce clear 1 pierce clear 3

I have created these two images above to begin my design, they feature the sisters separately, so that I can combine them at a later point. I drew them first in rough pencil, then used a fine liner to go over the drawings and then removed the pencil lines to give a clean finish for me to scan into the computer. I want to try layering the images and experiment with inversing colours like the sisters did in the video, using negative colours as well as the originals. I have drawn inspiration from the song “Kings” by the implementation of the crowns, made up of the imagery of suns and moons featured in the video. This gives a hippy feel to the image that the sisters emulate in real life. I have used roses on one of the sisters, because she was wearing them in her hair during the video and the star bursts around each sister reference the use of the star burst graphics in the video, and also the epic vibe to the song. I used a popular recent photograph of the singers for my reference imagery for these drawings. On the next pages you will see the digital colouring and editing process I used on adobe photoshop.


Picture1 Picture2 Picture3 Picture4 Picture5 pierce sister 2


pierce composition together 1

My image above is a composition of the two finished coloured images, I also added the image again and inverted it and layered it underneath the original coloured images. I like the depth it gives to the image and particularly where the crowns and starbursts meet, I think this looks quite effective.  I enjoyed creating this piece, and experimenting with it on photoshop, I think I would like to try using more traditional methods for the next competition entry but because of the singers style I thought digital art would suit them. I have uploaded the final image, shown below to talenthouse and voting begins on the 29th of May


Picture7 Picture8

The above images are my proof of entry, now I just have to wait for voting to begin and then I can utilise social media to hopefully gain some votes J



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