This week we were also asked to produce our own response to a piece of work we have seen, i have been responding throughout my sketchbook to artists i have seen but this is a separate piece which is just influenced by my chosen artist. I have chosen Chinese Pop Surrealist Chen Hongzhu, i saw her work at the James Freeman Gallery and have been admiring it since, i love the characters and the beautiful painting style. This week i also went to Disneyland Paris, this was for fun but also because i would like to learn animation in the Disney Style, and about how costumes and props are made around the park. Because working for Disney is my long term goal i think this is an appropriate influence for my work, so i decided to combine the work of Chen Hongzhu and my trip to Disneyland with my own illustrative style, to create a piece that encompasses what i have enjoyed about the contextual week.

This is the artist i was influenced by:

and these are some images from my Disneyland Trip i can use for inspiration:


and below this is my piece coming together šŸ™‚ it was my first idea, but i liked how it was going as i sketched it out so i decided to continue the idea to a final piece:

i tend to draw in biro when using acrylic paint, because it shows through just enough that i know where to paint, and it doesnt smudge easily

it’s starting to come together, i want it to be very in keeping with Pop Surrealism and the Low Brow art movement that Chen is famous for and that i particularly like. I am pleased with this because its all freehand and the character from imagination šŸ™‚

i foolishly forgot to take any progress pictures whilst painting, this took around 2 and a bit hours to complete and i am very pleased with how it turned out šŸ™‚ i would like to use some gold paint for the details but i didn’t have any left, so thats what i would change about this piece, if i continue in this style in personal work i may invest in some gold leaf to try out because i’ve seen it on other artists work and it looks very effective:

this is my finished piece inspired by Chen Hongzhu and my trip to Disneyland šŸ™‚


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