The New Order exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery was a group show with work from emerging contemporary artists in the UK, it had work ranging from sculptures to mixed media pieces and paintings, to a video piece. The exhibition was on the top floor of the gallery, which i think made it less popular because the majority of people i saw were on the lower levels in the body language exhibition. One of the artists at the exhibition had created sculptures from wax which were absolutely stunning! they were of human forms but the use of melted wax had distorted their figures and made them look very organic and really realistic considering it looks a hard material to work with! I also liked Martine Poppes low saturation and low colour portraits, they obscured the human face and blurred some areas whilst others looked perfectly real, i think this is a statement about hidden persona’s and emotions in the human face and how alot of expressions can be faked, her work “Blurs” the human facade to show it for what it is, conflicted. Some of the work appeared to be lacking in context, as the pieces had no explanation written about them , in order to get the audience to draw their own conclusions but some were hard to interpret and appeared the be like filler pieces.

this piece is by Virgile Ittah : Untitled (For man would remember each murmur)
Mixed wax, marble powder and fabric
75 x 65 x 82 cm

Virgile is a female artist from Paris born in 1981, and now she lives and works in London, i like her sculptures and how expertly she has worked with a challenging material and they look very organic.

Below is a collage of some of my photographs from the exhibition:

new order


Martine Poppe was one of my favorite artists from the exhibition, she is Norwegian and lives and works in London. She studied her MFA in Fine Art at Slade School of Fine Art in London and is famed for her oil on polyester paintings filled with mystery and obscurity. below are my sketchbook pages on her work:

i painted a small version of one of her paintings: Analogical Change 2013- oil on polyester, i created mine using acrylic paint on textured paper 🙂


I also liked the Plasticine abstract pieces created by Dan Rees, he uses a childlike material and manipulates it to make very sophisticated looking abstract pieces that remind me of Jackson Pollack pieces, he work is quite abstract expressionist in style and the large scale pieces look impressive:

Untitled (diptych)

i had to get right up close to study the texture and i would never have guessed it was Plasticine!

I also liked Sarah Dwyer’s oil paintings, there was alot of oil painting based work in this exhibition i noticed which i thought seemed unusual as it is normally seen as a traditional medium. It’s interesting to see that oil paint is now being used in a more contemporary fashion and being given a new lease of life in favor of newer materials like digital work. I like how smooth her style is and it looks almost biological in nature, or like distorted creatures. She says very little about the context of her work, i think this is to leave it open to discussion and personal opinion.

The Day After “The Day After” oil on linen, 2012

This is my sketchbook page on Sarah Dwyer 🙂 i tried to recreate a piece of hers using acylic paint and oil pastels because i didnt have any oil paint, but i’d like to try it in oil paints 🙂



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