Hannah Hoch was a German Dada artist, infact she was the main female Dada Artist. She was born in 1889 and died in 1978 and she was one of the original creators of the photomontage. Although Dada artists created work referencing the emancipation of females they weren’t keen on the inclusion of a female in their group. Hannah’s work is strongly connected to feminism and her work commonly combines male and female attributes to create unified figures, it has been said that this could also be a way of her representing her bisexuality and her attraction to women with masculine traits.

The exhibition took place at the Whitechapel Gallery, and it was £7.95 for students to enter which was quite reasonable when we saw 100 examples of her work ranging from the 1910’s-1970’s. It was unfortunate that we weren’t permitted to photograph inside the exhibition because the timeline of work was amazing, but i photographed the outside and bought some postcards of her work 🙂 The layout of the exhibition was very simple and gave full focus to the work over the surroundings. I saw some of her most famous pieces including when she worked in the fashion industry a piece called “High Finance” 1923, it critiqued the relationship between bankers and the army in the midst of the European Economic crisis:

i really liked this piece and how she combined images of the same tones with typography, i think it also made reference to her relationship with the other Dada artists, showing segregation by not combining male and female parts in this piece, but keeping them separated.

When i was there there was a selection of work inspired by Hannah Hoch from other artists, it was quite obviously more modern and updated because it was mainly digital and included more modern styles, my favorite piece is below and it utilized diamond dust which i saw alot at the London Art fair, so maybe this is a new popular medium? 

I think i have been influenced by seeing Hannah hoch because i have used more mixed media in my contextual book than i would usually and this is inspired by her use of collage. Below are my sketchbook pages from the exhibition, i drew an example of one of her collages called “Made for a Party” 1936, i really liked this one and i think the placement of the mans eye signifies how men can sometimes view women from the body up, rather than the head down, also i think she has a larger head and mouth to show what Hannah thinks should hold more importance, though there is only half a head there.

i also made a quick little collage, inspired by this postcard i bought, it combines male, female and cat body parts 🙂

1618632_10153870025625151_567679202_n 1654020_10153870025730151_1920284163_n

I found this exhibition interesting, it has also been useful for my FMP because i am taking a political stance on my work and this is something Hoch addresses within her work, when addressing the politics of feminism and other issues. I have also become more interested in photomontage than i had previously so i believe this was a worthwhile exhibition to visit, although i have found myself more inspired by work from other exhibitions i think it was important to see the work of such an iconic artist.


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