This week i visited the Saatchi Gallery to see the Body Language Exhibition, although the reviews were not particularly positive i have an interest in portraiture and this encouraged me to explore how contemporary artists are using the human body within their work. This exhibition held a collection of work from a variety of international artists, some well known and others emerging and it ranged from paintings to sculptures and illustrations. I enjoy visiting Saatchi Exhibitions because the work is always a large variety of different artists but the work is also interesting as individual pieces, the work at this exhibition related indirectly or directly to the human body, below are a selection of my photographs from the exhibition.

body language


One of my favorite artists i saw at this exhibition was Makiko Kudo. She had large scale oil paintings on display depicting fantasy landscapes in unusual colour schemes, with the presence of young female characters, she uses her art to regress back to her childhood fantasies and escape reality. ” I connect with what i see and what i feel using imagination and emotions like dreams”. She is a japanese artist and you can see the manga influences within her characters, i like oriental influenced art and her pieces are on a large scale and its a bit like you get lost in the environments she creates.

i also really like her colour schemes! they are very unusual but give a darker feel to what is work that primarily is influenced by childhood memories. This piece is called “Stage curtain” 2011, oil on canvas.

Also at the show i saw several 10ft high paintings of women inspired by those from fashion magazines by American artist Chantal Joffe,  they are a degenerate version of social realism and distort the views of women from fashion magazines to make them more bland and superficial. Her work is oil paint on board and i found myself interested by her work because of how smooth her paint strokes are with still having she sharp lines and vibrant colours. I created  my own version of one of her paintings using mixed media : wax crayon, pencil, ink and paint.



Below are my sketchbook pages from the exhibition, i enjoyed seeing this exhibition, there were about 3-4 artists whose work i really liked and i think will influence future work of my own and it was worth visiting 🙂

body language


I liked the work of Jansson Stegner too 🙂 and create a section of one of his paintings using watercolor and ink:



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