On the 31st January our second Visual Arts Fayre will take place, the theme is not just Valentines but this is a theme we can choose to work with because it may aid sales, my idea’s for what to sell are as follows:

Custom Couples Portraits in my own illustrative style as shown below:

cropped-eva-cheung.jpgthis is my style of illustration, its quite graphic-y and kitsch, and i think it would suit portraits of couples and might be a nice valentines gift, i plan to create two mock up ones of famous couples which could be sold , but mainly they will be used as advertisements for people to place orders for custom portraits, because i draw these freehand but colour them using photoshop they are not as time consuming as some of my other pieces, this gives me an advantage and the ability to take more orders thus creating more business if the idea was successful 🙂 I will create 2 of iconic couples, perhaps Marilyn Monro and her first husband, or fictional couples like Jack and Rose from Titanic. i think this is a feasible idea because the prints would be cheap enough using the college’s printing service and i could offer them framed or un-framed. The price would be £15.00 for an A4 Portrait, or £20 for larger because of the printing costs.

My second idea is utilising wax crayon melting , i plan to melt wax crayons in a rainbow style ( i have done this once before and it looked very effective and attractive) and cut shapes from the melted wax crayon surface and then put them against a plain white backdrop in a white plain box frame, simple and fun and cheap to create, i think these might sell well looking at the success of the marbled pieces from the last show.

I am also considering Valentines cookies, these will be a smaller venture just to raise pocket money if i choose to create them, my gingerbread houses were such a success at the last shop ( raising £60.00 in total) that it appears food sells well because it is cheap and instantly pleasing 🙂

The Fine Artists (myself included) will not only be curating this event but running it this time around, although Karen and Myself stayed and helped out at the last show as well we enjoyed the experience and i am looking forward to having a go at running the whole thing, from the selection of work, to arranging the pricing format’s and handling the money, to curating the show and running it all day 🙂 it will be a good experience for work based learning and will teach the process of selling work from start to finish, and the more of these events we do the more publicity our work gains and we succeed further in marketing our course which adds to our marketing brief.

the pieces i have created are below, i am submitting less this time merely due to the fact we have FMP presentations this week and have been in a ceramics workshop also, next show i will have more work to submit because i will hopefully have a less busy schedule:

i have decided to do couples portraits for valentines day, this is just a quick idea and a bit of a business venture to see if there is any interest, in all honesty it has not gone as well as i had planned due to the time frame and i have decided to do a portrait of coursemate Callum and his fiance, i realise this plan may be limited because i need a reference photo to work from that is of a good quality as its quite hard to draw from a dark fuzzy photograph. The plan is to showcase this portrait as an example and then people can request custom portraits by emailing their chosen photo and stating any particular colours/ imagery they would like included. I would charge around £15.00 to cover the cost of the frame and the time i spend on making them 🙂

for the background i’ve been melting wax crayons because i like the texture ^_^

the finished first piece:

this is an example for potential customers to see what they could order 🙂 i’ll be giving it to Callum and Katy as a housewarming present after

the next piece i did was an experimentation using wax crayon and mark making and paint, i quite like it!

i am unsure of how to price this one yet so i shall ask mark for advice , now i look at the portrait piece i don’t really like it too much, so i decided to whip up a quick abstract piece to replace it and i will think about the portrait idea at a later event where i have more time and am not busy preparing for the FMP presentation.

(the blue picture on the shelf near the bottom was the piece i sold!)

The piece i sold 🙂 for £10.00


Evaluation of the Day:

This art fair took place on the 31st January and was planned around the theme “Valentine’s Day” although this was not compulsory. This art fair was to be curated by fine art and also run by fun art on the day, with the help of some graphics students who didn’t participate in the last Visual Arts Fair. This art fair did not have the same spark of interest that the last art fair had, regardless of the recently successful facebook page advertising it, I think this is because Christmas is a much more popular holiday and more linked with gift giving. Also the terrible weather was off putting to potential customers, regardless of these issues we still made £81.00 which was a lot more than we had expected.  Firstly evaluating the curating of the show, it was Karen, myself and Sue who put up the work, Karen and Sue putting the nails in the day before and myself and Karen putting the work out and arranging it on Friday morning. This worked quite well because all of the curating did get done and well within time, although I do wish we had had some help from our other course members. Karen and I were disappointed with the lack of help from Annabel, who went to a photo shoot instead of helping us prepare the show and did not attend on the Friday to help run the show. We have noticed this happens a lot with extra activities that require all of us as a group to contribute that she does the bare minimum, and because of this problem I will raise the issue in the next group meeting when the Fine Artists plan the next Visual Arts Fair because it seems unfair for myself and Karen to be the only ones who actually stayed for the whole day and ran the shop, let alone just us and Sue curating it. The curating of the show looked very clean and modern, although we would like for the next show to have more of a variety of work as it was mainly dominated by smaller framed pieces this time. This is something we could request beforehand if people would like to try submitting other types of work. The running of the day went very smoothly, we kept an excel spreadsheet designed by graphics to keep a record of all of the work and when it was sold and the prices of each piece. We were assisted in the morning by Duncan and Amit, who were very helpful and ran the shop from 10:30- 01:00, whilst Karen and I ran it from 9:30am-10:30 setting up, and then on from 01:00-03:30. I think to improve for the next show we could have some examples of work in the reception in the main building, and maybe flyers or posters up at the main college to advertise the event more. This art fair was not as successful as the last, but it went better than we had expected because we understand that Valentines day is not as popular, and that students were under pressure this week for the FMP presentations and work for the show was not their primary focus.


Most popular item on the day: Cupcakes

My favorite item we sold on the day: Sue’s handmade soap (it smelt amazing!)

Things we could sell more of at the next show:

more food items as these are cheaper and prove very popular, they draw in customers which leads them to look at the other work

handmade cards, in varying styles as these are cheaper items and more of a necessity for occasions


Things i’d like to sell at the next show:

more creative cookie based ideas, because i sold 4 gingerbread houses for the last show earning me £60 🙂

more interesting pieces of artwork, perhaps a series that identifies me as the artist

maybe some textiles based items?



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