For the week beginning the 3rd of February those who have chosen to not go to Barcelona will be taking part in a week long project focusing on contextual studies, this will involve visiting a range of exhibitions to gather inspiration and to broaden our artistic knowledge. Below is the Brief which explains our task:





Project Brief    (Creative Arts Programmes)

Course: All FdA Subject Areas  Unit Tutor: Mark Williams / Celeste Henney
Unit Title:  Using Historical and Contemporary                          Contexts for Art and Design                     Engaging with Critical Contexts for Art and Design  Unit Code: ART001-1                   ART001-2      



Level 4 and 5 Credits: 30
Date Project Set: 16th January 2014 Formative Assessment: 13th February 2014
 Project / Assignment Title: Exhibition Week                                



All assignments must be handed into the art department secretary with a top sheet and the receipt kept. As well as practical work exhibited you will be expected to submit all sketchbooks and developmental work related to the project.

Project: Exhibitions Brief


During the next few weeks you will need to prepare a series of art days in which you will look at exhibitions, spaces and areas of interest which will help to inform your work. Consider your own working methods and try and discover artists, designers and photographers that utilize similar methods but push the boundaries. Alternatively, choose arts events that show different methods of working using media and techniques that you have not used before.

Consider why particular practitioners are using materials and try to find the theoretical meaning behind the work. Respond to this by putting together a PowerPoint presentation that can be delivered to the group on Thursday 13th February.

During your visits you will be expected to keep a sketchbook of work in which you will draw, take photographs, use mixed media and make notes. We expect about 4 paragraphs a week minimum for the blog and the more exhibitions you visit and respond to, the higher the grade you will achieve. This work will be graded as part of the contextual studies unit.

You can choose to do this individually, in pairs or in small groups.

You will be expected to deliver a PowerPoint presentation on February 13th which will also include an individual piece of work that is your own response. This will show an exhibition, work in response and will indicate how this has influenced your thought process in relation to your own work.




This is to form part of your Blog


 This will enable us to boost our blog content and prepare us for our contextual hand in , in April 🙂

I have chosen to start this project early to allow myself a chance to visit more exhibitions and take more time on my responses to them, I first attended the London Art Fair in Islington which you shall see in a following blog post with my sketchbook work from the day.


We were asked to create a power point presentation of possible exhibitions we could visit 🙂 below are the slides from mine,

exhibition 1 exhibition 2 exhibition 4 exhibition 5 exhibition 6 exhibition 7 exhibitions 3the ones i am most drawn to are the Phlegm exhibition at the Howard Griffin Gallery, The New Order exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery and the Hannah Hoch exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery, tomorrow i will attend these exhibitions 🙂




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