This Friday Karen and I attended the London Art Fair at the Business and Design Center in Islington. I saw the London Art Fair advertised by an artist i follow on Facebook named Carne Griffiths ( researched in this blog previously) where he stated that some of his work would be exhibited which was one of the reasons i decided to attend because i wanted to see his incredibly detailed and intricate tea and ink paintings and drawings up close 🙂 The London Art Fair takes place every year and this year 120 independent Galleries had stalls booked where they showcased the work they were exhibiting, the work was all of a contemporary nature but many different styles, i noticed alot of Surrealist work featuring at the show, maybe this a sign of an art trend for the coming year! The tickets were £12.00 for students which was very reasonable and we saw hundreds of pieces from different artists, i certainly gained alot of inspiration for my FMP from this event and i would like to go back annually. `The artwork was exhibited over 3 floors and a special area on the bottom floor was dedicated to very highly priced artworks from the 1930’s onwards, the most expensive piece we saw was £95,000!!! Most of the work was selling for between £2000-£5000 and there were many pieces that cost more, some work was from famous well known artists such as Henry Moore, Damien Hirst and Peter Blake.  There was a mix of sculpture, painting and drawing but no installation work as i think the space for each gallery was limited. We were blown away by the vast selection of work that we hadn’t seen the likes of before, because it was coming from new emerging talents , this show would be a good networking opportunity and next time i attend i plan to take business cards and post cards to show gallery owners.

some images from the show:

gallery images

please click on the image to view it larger,

below are some of my responses to the work and my sketchbook pages from the show 🙂 and my ticket:

this is the catalog from the art fair 🙂

1618684_10153839481110151_259672158_n (1)1557607_10153839479680151_438463134_n1661628_10153839479915151_780129843_n1545776_10153839480265151_1971205443_n  This was a drawing from the show, i didnt get a chance to take down the name of the artist because it was attracting alot of interest, the original image was very large scale and the artist used ink to create renditions of 3 “Hairnets” but they were so stunning despite their simple subject matter i decided to draw a version of my own 🙂 it took quite a while but i liked building up the lines to create a recognizable version of the work.


this is my drawing in ink of Su Blackwells Castle sculpture,  Su Blackwell is an artist that works with paper predominantly and creates intricate fairytale inspired sculptures that are very fragile.

“”For the cut-out illustrations, I tend to lean towards young-girl characters, placing them in haunting, fragile settings, expressing the vulnerability of childhood, while also conveying a sense of childhood anxiety and wonder. There is a quiet melancholy in the work, depicted in the material used, and choice of subtle colour.”

Su was born in Sheffield in 1975 and i admire her work greatly, and she uses paper because it has long since been a method of communication, and she uses this communicative material to show her feelings about childhood and its innocence and vulnerability. I liked seeing her work in person and think its definitely worth the £8,400 it costs to buy!

1012660_10153839480815151_1986918292_n This is my piece inspired by Carne Griffiths, an artist i saw at the show who i had previously admired on the internet and i was very pleased to see his work in real life! its so detailed and utterly stunning! Carne Griffiths is an Australian artist who works mainly in inks, teas, graphite and alcohol. I have previously researched him on this blog in my drawing skills book and it was actually from his fan page that i learned of the London Art Fair. He uses organic shapes and patterns to create portraits with depth and emotion within them, i really like how he layers up his drawings to create these intricate pieces.1797592_10153839480945151_210959413_n 1618684_10153839481110151_259672158_nthese are the sketchbook pages from my trip book regarding the london art fair 🙂 i used this trip in two books because it relates to both my FMP and the Contextual brief. Below are the sketchbook pages from my FMP book:

here i drew a section of one of Carne Griffiths pieces using a fine liner 🙂 i was quite happy with it and i liked the use of organic shapes.

1546051_10153812809230151_1850920591_n 1653397_10153812807480151_630462788_n 1779061_10153812808895151_1218180301_n


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