The space project involves creating work to respond specifically to a space, rather than creating work and choosing a space to display it in, we did some group activities to start off this project including a large scale mark making activity, a paper cutting activity and then a guerilla gardening task where we used plants and everyday objects to give new life to a burnt out local landmark pub.  I decided to use a suitcase as my space to respond to, as it was a smaller space this felt like more of a challenge, and i decided to base it around a trip to Beijing i’d had in summer that i felt had filled me with inspiration and knowledge on a very interesting and diverse culture.  I created one case, in a bit of a hurry using a range of paper crafted buildings combined with photographical elements from my trip, but i felt this did not do it justice and decided to begin again and create a much larger scaled piece. My design i created actually evolved during the building of my piece and whilst i was creating each individual element, i found chinese flora and fauna to look very effective using my drawing skills and i learnt new paper crafting techniques that allowed me to make some pieces 3D. I created a frame using bamboo, dowling rail and a shelf bracket to secure my piece, i decided it would be a hanging piece, each individually created element hung from clear fishing wire to appear like i had created a new surreal floating world referencing my trip to China. below are progress images of my work:


this is my original design, i decided to expand outwards as well as upwards in the final piece, to make it look like my work is really growing out of the case, i also added alot more floral elements and an array of pencil drawn fish floating around the piece which i think gave it a surreal feel to it.

10336649_10154220164815151_1322552124676457238_n 10308298_10154220164570151_3363072599276176972_n

i covered the case ( i bought a larger one for the second try) in paper with a contemporary chinese pattern on it, to give it a more modern feel but in keeping with my theme.

1506842_10154121923170151_4582988402832042674_nthis is how my piece began, i created the larger objects from strong card and laid them out to give me an idea of size and composition, i did this throughout the project, laying it all out on the floor and trying out effective compositions. 10309058_10154220096880151_4156535898374622266_n (1) 10403288_10154220097010151_3318539889688814307_n (1) 10245536_10154121923065151_801279952661198665_n 1382163_10154120071085151_3295607745900913891_n 10253841_10154220095345151_2522688339848171621_n (1) 10308294_10154220096215151_4189933738961515803_n (1)

these are images of the different elements i have created for the final piece, i used alot of mixed media in this work such as paint, pencil, collage and sewing and i found i was influenced by Sam Pierpoint, a paper artist, illustrator and graphic designer.

10154204_10154066226925151_1306095676582682848_n 10255200_10154189975810151_6038417608691360546_ni was also influenced by artist Tara Tucker, who draws detailed imagery of animals and plants, i drew a version of her fish (above) in biro, she influenced me to include fish in my work. below are progress images of assembling the piece in the gallery space, this was challenging as it was much larger than i had expected and wire was more fiddly than i first thought but it all went up and i was very happy with how it turned out 🙂

10155795_10154264950080151_1955467170574128209_n 10435503_10154264950195151_7030518279330286841_n 10390052_10154264949800151_2729793669215062111_n 10383492_10154264949935151_3573897566977424126_n


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