I’ve been experimenting with creating animal drawings, the idea is that i can make some cute eye catching designs for valentines cards ready for the next Arts Fayre at the store, its also been fun and good practice drawing animals from memory 🙂

i’ve been doing them rough in pencil and then using a fine liner to make them look more stylized, my style of illustration has been developing over the course of the first and second year and i appear to have found my style of work in kitsch line drawings, at first i only drew people but i now have discovered i find drawing animals more enjoyable, you can create alot of expression in the face of an animal whereas in a human i find it quite hard to keep everything looking proportionate when displaying more complex emotions.


below are my drawings 🙂


i chose to draw them in positions that gave a bit more character and life to the animals than just head on 🙂 i liked drawing these 2 cats and this exercise is also helping me learn about anatomy, which i am interested in learning for the sake of trying out animation.

the deer above is by far my favorite drawing so far from this exercise, i am definitely going to continue developing this one and experiment with colour and perhaps make it a mono print or a screen print 🙂1457549_10153719575220151_596229301_n 1526325_10153719575745151_882501034_n

i loved drawing this cat! 1557553_10153719146785151_406987259_n 1497580_10153719146190151_2051279955_n


the ones with presents are designs for a hallmark competition i’m working on also 🙂


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