The next competition i have found is for the Hallmark Cards Company, its a festive design competition where the brief is to come up with something christmas themed which can be used a repeated pattern on wrapping paper or as a single design on a card. The deadline is the 10th of January as was the deadline for the Book Illustration Competition.

below are the details from the Hallmark website on how to enter:

Today we are launching our latest design competition on the Hallmark Creative blog. The winner will receive £200 and may see their design used on Hallmark product!

The brief is to create a design that could be used across a variety of products such as; Greetings Cards, Gift Bags, Gift Wrap and Stationery following the theme of ‘Festive Fun’ just in time to get you in the Christmas spirit!

Some ideas to explore might be: Christmas scenes such as a nativity, Christmas town, winter wonderland or decorated home completed with trimmed tree; festive characters such as Santa, Rudolph, snowmen, penguins and polar bears; Christmas icons like wrapped up gifts, tree lights, festive toys & food or perhaps some Christmas themed typography and hand lettering.

The end result will be a placement design or repeat pattern created using your own choice of media. It could be hand drawn e.g linework or pencil, painted e.g watercolour or acrylic, hand made e.g collage or stitched, computer generated e.g illustrator or photoshop.

To help your design get selected you might want to think about:  

Commerciality – does your design have the potential to appeal to a broad range of people?

Originality – is your design innovative and one of a kind?

Please email all entries with a description and your name to creative-info@hallmark-uk.com 

  • Please submit your design(s) as jpegs only. Maximum upload 5mb.
  • Maximum 5 entries per person.
  • If you are chosen as a winner you must provide your artwork at 300dpi.
  • Please ensure you read and fully understand the terms and conditions of the competition before submitting your entries.
  • Closing date is midnight GMT 10th January 2014.

Good luck!!

Well i have begun the preparation to enter this competition, i’ve decided i want to do designs based around animals and presents with merry christmas written on it somewhere, because i’ve seen lots of examples of christmas designs this year featuring animals 🙂



Polar bears

these are the animals i will create designs around, below are a few of my designs i’ve whipped up this evening, i think i will use photoshop for these designs because its modern and makes for a better repetitive print because the colours and quality of the work will be consistent throughout production if chosen.


i am drawing out my designs in rough sketching first, i use coloured pencil to do this because it will not cause smudging as much as graphite pencil when i come to go over it and do the line work 1497580_10153719146190151_2051279955_n 1557553_10153719146785151_406987259_n

here are my first 2 animal designs 🙂 i’ve left the banners blank so i can use illustrator to add the typography, i studied photographs of the animals before drawing my own versions of them, i think they look quite cute and kitsch which suit the christmas season well.


i have developed on photoshop my first entry for this competition and sent it in 🙂 as it is free entry i can continue to make more until i reach 5 and send them in as they are completed, this gives more time for them to be seen by judges

mcox polar bear entry

this is my cleaned up and coloured polar bear entry 🙂 for the typography i wanted something magical and christmassy (not a real word i know) so i downloaded a font called Giddyup and i think it suits rather well with the stars to dot the “i” and the swirly curly nature of it.

next i will develop my other 2 designs 🙂


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