Below is my feedback from my first draft of my essay 🙂 i will use it to plan my proper essay and address the key points discussed
“I think your essay synopsis is interesting in that you are choosing a
body of work that you have had a direct connection with whilst
working at the Milton Keynes Gallery. It is important that the link
between curation and theming is addressed as this affects the way
that work is read and the ways in which a gallery steers an audiences
response. The artists you have chosen is interesting in his use of
‘banal’ and everyday objects that are imbued with meaning from
repetition and scale. It will be interesting to understand his take on
pop art: seemingly quite existential in his use of subject matter.

You mention having some chats with the curator of the show and this
would provide an interesting perspective on the work and the
difficulties that might have been faced with the presentation of this
collection. There is a definite sense in which curation guides an
audience through an exhibition and it would be good to know how the
curator felt this was achieved. You have made reference to class in
your synopsis as a way of linking the work together and I would be
interested in knowing your opinions of this in more detail. Does the
artist’s work centre on a particular class or a multitude of classes?
Does the artist move beyond class to record everyday human
experiences. In my opinion, there is something very grounding about
the work that seems to be a collection of experiences that are familiar
to those observing it. In this way it is inclusive, mundane and
exception ”

there are several words i will google the description of just to make sure my knowledge of them is correct and now i will begin to gather more sources of information and begin my major research 🙂


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