Jeff Koons is an American artist known for his reproductions of ordinary and banal object, like his stainless steel balloon animals with mirror like finishes, i really like these of his and have seen that his work has influenced other artists, i saw 2 sculptures in Beijing that reminded me of his work:

74757_10153107326460151_1153709569_n 1005639_10153107326405151_916625289_n

the mirror finishes remind me of Jeff Koon’s work, but these are more elaborate. Jeff Koons lives and works in New York City and his work sells for substantial amounts of money, his original orange balloon dog sold at Christie’s for a whopping $58.4 million! Critics are divided over his work, some see it as pioneering but others see it as Kitsch, which isn’t an insult in my opinion but i can see how they would see it as crass. I on the other hand really like his work and the childlike innocence of it and its banal nature is what makes it so easy to love, its art for people who want to explore the theory behind, but also art for those who simply want to enjoy the aesthetics of a beautiful object. Koons has stated there are no hidden meanings in his works, which i really enjoy because although theory is a huge part of the art world, i think its pioneering that he wants to make something for the sake of making it, and he does it really well.

The Taschen had this to say about Jeff Koons:

From kinky to kitsch to conceptual, Jeff Koons’ art is anything but conformist. Since he stirred up the art world establishment in the 1980s with his unapologetic basketball sculptures and stainless steel toy blow-ups, Koons has been known as somewhat of a bad boy—a reputation he confirmed in the early 1990s via works depicting him having sex with then-wife Cicciolina, the Italian porn star-cum-politician. But at the same time he charmed the art world with Puppy, a 40-foot tall floral terrier that now resides at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. Koons’ exploitation of the banal, in the aggrandizement and/or embodiment of kitsch and pop imagery, has become his trademark; detractors may delight in their naysaying, but Koons’ work commands millions at auction and his position at the forefront of contemporary art is indisputable.


He is especially famed for his “Puppy Vase” of which he made an edition of 3000 copies, i thought this was making art accessible for the masses but he still sold each one for $7500, a steep price which i wouldnt personally pay, because this item in particular is much more Kitsch and less contemporary than pieces like the balloon animals. Jeff_Koons_Puppy_vase_Fondation_Beyeler

Jeff’s work has been replicated and mimicked by many designers and even high street stores such as habitat have created kitschy animals comparable to his work.

koons koons2

I like Jeffs work personally, and even though it has no theoretical context and doesn’t leave much to write about i think it is interesting and decorative and i would love to earn millions from such everyday objects replicated in bright colours, so he is definitely someone who paved the way for contemporary objects in a kitsch style.


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