This week Mark has given us a task from a local Scout Group to create a backdrop for a scout production of ” The Muppets Christmas Carol” a popular family christmas film made in 1992. I personally like this film and most of the Muppets franchise and am very excited to do this!

We decided as a group to create a backdrop based upon the victorian streets featured in the film and then create our muppet characters separately and attach them to give a 3D element to the piece. We researched imagery from the film and began to sketch out a victorian scene from an image we found. We gave the piece a vanishing point and perspective to give the piece depth, like you could really step into the scene.

this is the picture we chose to inspire our backdrop, we decided to create it in black and white so that the Muppets would stand out with their bright colours šŸ™‚

we looked at other imagery too:

i love this image of kermit and tiny tim šŸ™‚ i like how the victorian houses are slanted and wonky, this gives them a more child friendly and whimsical feel which i will try to emanate in our piece.

below are the progress photos from the creation of our backdrop, it took from 10am- 3pm to create using black and white paints and chalks, we also added a layer of my glitter glue to give it a bit of magic and sparkle ( i always find it useful to have a steady supply of glitter!)

mcc7 mcc9 mcc10first we planned out the scene large scale using charcoal, this was a challenge and would’ve been easier if the piece was on the wall but it was too large for the boards, we had to focus and keep stepping back to make sure the perspective was correct.

mcc8 mcc6 mcc5we began filling in the shapes with paint and used varying tones to create depth in the piece, i painted two of the buildings, the moon and we all painted the sky and the snow.

mcc4 mcc3Here the piece is starting to come together and we added darker tones to the snow to give it depth and we started using chalk and charcoal to add details into the windows of the buildings and brickwork.

mcc1 mcc2It was quite hard to get a good picture of this because its so large, i had to stand on a table to get this one but i will get a much better one when karen and i put up the work in the scout hall on friday šŸ™‚ it will be challenging for just 2 of us to put up the piece!

For the next part of this piece we each chose a character or 2 to create at a large scale to place on the backdrop on raised sticky pads, i have decided on 2 characters, each going to be 1.25 metres high and created on brown paper. i will use acrylic paints to create them šŸ™‚ i chose these 2 characters because they are my favorite from the movie.

They are Dr. Bunsen and his friend Beaker, in the film they are trying to encourage Mr Scrooge to donate to a charity to give food to the poor and they’re such lovely characters and important to the story šŸ™‚


here they are with Kermit the Frog and Mr Scrooge šŸ™‚ my favorite is the tall one called Beaker!

i have also considered painting Kermit and Miss Piggys Daughter Betina and Belinda Cratchett šŸ™‚ i think they would be enjoyable to paint


We have assigned characters to different class members to ensure we have a full and lively backdrop:

Karen: Kermit and Tiny Tim

Annabel: Miss Piggy

Callum: Mr Scrooge

Sue: Gonzo

Me: Dr Bunsen and Beaker


i also think the chef with his singing chickens are important characters i would like to add in if we have time and also Marley and Marley, sue has also decided to paint in one of the ghosts who feature.

above is a video for inspiration from the film šŸ™‚


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