This post will be a collection of my recent personal work, its mainly me experimented with different styles of portraits and character drawings, i like to dabble in alot of different styles of work and enjoy drawing portraits more than anything else.

A drawing (fan art) of Chiquitita Cosplay, i was fortunate enough to meet her at a Japanese convention and she makes amazing costumes!

This little doodle is a character in the style of an artist named Rudy Fig, one of my favorite illustrators to date


This is a character from a TV show i watch, i find its good to practice many styles of drawing, and 5 minute doodles or less seem to help me the most.


This is a painting i’ve started, its not yet finished and its just on a whim really because i didnt plan it but i wanted to try using acrylic paint in a new way for me, i quite like how its going so far and i am for once happy with a nose i have painted!


This was a piece i started that was going to be Fanart, i found it too busy if i continued to work on it but i quite like the composition


This is the finished photoshop image of Chiquitia Cosplay, this is my style of illustration that i have worked on over summer and it has proved popular on social media sites like instagram and i have since had people ask me if i will do one of them, these don’t take very long to do as i colour them using photoshop but i think they would make lovely stickers!


This is a piece i created whilst bored at my work! i only had an orange and a brown pencil, it was a challenge to see what i could create out of pure imagination and if i could draw features well enough without a reference picture, i quite like it really except the eyebrows that are a bit dodgy.IMG_9212This is my original character, i came up with it whilst looking round the sweet section in sainsburys and i saw Flumps?!  i hadnt seen one in years and i thought how they reminded me of bunny ears, so i created the flump bunny! its a very cute character and i think i will use him again in other pieces, just for personal work like this though because i know my personal style isn’t very contemporary.

This is the beginning drawing for an instagram competition to create something cute but creepy for halloween, this took around half an hour not including painting it, although it didnt win it got plenty of likes and people commented on how cool it was 🙂


This is the painted version, i like using flat matte acrylic paints over shiny ones because i prefer the effect, i enjoyed creating this piece.

IMG_9246this final one is the carousel horse i designed for the Brabantia competition, but i think it would look good going round a japanese lolita skirt , or printed onto curtains for a childs bedroom!


i create lots of little drawings and characters in my spare time because it keeps my drawing skills sharp and i really enjoy doing it, i’d like to one day make my living as an illustrator so its important for me to constantly test out new illustrative styles and techniques in order to help me progress.



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