The 29th November (this friday coming) we are having a visual arts fair at The Store, this will benefit our work based learning because the Fine Art Students are curating the show, this will give us practice for curating our own exhibitions. Everyone is making or creating pieces of work to sell, i have decided to sell a few different things and the first are Christmas themed because i think this will appeal to people at the time of year. I have always enjoyed making elaborate gingerbread houses and they have sold in the past to friends and family, so i have decided to make some to sell on friday and in this post you will see my process in creating them! I am also going to do some drawings of my characters i design (often large eye’d girls with various animals) using coloured pencil and then putting them in frames. My third idea is to make post cards of my works to sell cheaply πŸ™‚ 1470311_10153576038770151_1475275804_nΒ i made the gingerbread from scratch using a recipe from BBC Good Food’s website, it tasted really nice! Because this is work based learning i must factor in any costs in producing the work too, so i shopped around for my ingredients to find good quality but reasonably priced, the flour and sugar were from sainsburys but the decorations were cheaper in asda, i also found lollipops in Tiger in luton to use to decorate also.

1457699_10153576039120151_1877683107_nthis is my dough, i left it to set in the fridge for 15 minutes, i made 2 bowls of it to ensure i had enough for 2 reasonably large gingerbread houses. I cut out the shapes necessary and put them in the oven for 12 minutes. i used cutters at first but realized they were too big and just decided to cut freehand shapes to use.


1456064_10153576039260151_1198902181_nthese are some of my baked pieces, i cut doors and windows out them whilst they were still soft and cooling. Next the decorating began! i want them to look christmassy, this is an Art fair so i want them to be very decorative also.

1483314_10153576038245151_603995339_n 1482910_10153576038165151_1527338488_ni decorated them using icing in a piping bag which took some practice, and various sweets and decorations, i also piped swirly designs onto them and finished with cake shimmer to make them sparkle. now the hard part of putting them together! i tried to use icing but it wasnt stable enough, so i melted chocolate, stuck them with that and then left them to set in the fridge.

1483061_10153576037925151_1396959557_n 1480772_10153576038050151_1274860338_n 1470188_10153576037735151_63027109_n 1455898_10153576037645151_1485806398_n 943029_10153576036890151_687211268_ni decorated the panels before assembling the houses and above is a wreath i made! they look quite cool i think πŸ™‚ if they sell i may take orders from people for christmas if they would like as a bit of extra money on the side.

once i put the roofs on i packaged the gingerbread houses in cellophane to keep them fresh and stop them from going stale, they also look pretty packaged this way and then tied a bow around them.

960061_10153576037565151_672270895_n 936011_10153575952415151_163613666_n 1458646_10153575952535151_665767052_n 1475851_10153576037300151_1785371241_n

And the final packaged gingerbread houses! this helps me practice my sculpting skills also πŸ™‚ because gingerbread is quite brittle to work with!

1422463_10153576036800151_1298259798_n 1452465_10153575952275151_1355090228_n

Next i am going to create drawings to sell πŸ™‚

My style of drawing has been influenced by illustrators all over the world such as Rudy Fig, Glenn Arthur , Dilka Bear and Ku Kula, its a surreal way of drawing because my characters have large eyes, small bodies, small features and look quite eerie at times. i experimented with this first drawing by using All purpose filler to make snow and then sprinkling shimmer dust on it, i think my work should be appropriate to the season in order to attract buyers in the christmas spirit πŸ™‚

1012778_10153576101105151_1498716620_nΒ This is how it began, i always like to start with the face of any character or portrait because i can tell from there if its going to go well! i measured my paper to fit the frame i had bought, i considered watercolour paper for the texture but the coloured pencil didnt glide smoothly enough across it.


600773_10153576100870151_761907552_nI like to use lots of highlights in the hair πŸ™‚

1476212_10153575952195151_2142968391_nthis is the finished piece, it took around an hour and a half, i used watercolour and pencil and all purpose filler for this piece, and finished off with a tiny rhinestone for decoration. if i were to do it again i would study imagery of foxes more carefully first.

1395122_10153576100400151_416474490_nhope she finds a home to go to! i have no idea at the moment how to price my work, i suppose i shall see if there is any interest in them before i decide on pricing πŸ™‚

next i will create a larger piece in this style, not sure what to draw yet so i will look at some of my favorite artists for inspiration, but i also like to look at pictures of friends and family and sometimes base it on them. Or characters from stories i admire often play a role in my drawings.

For my second piece i have created one inspired by my own cat! its the same style as the one before because i find them fun to create, they have a childlike innocence to them in this style that i think is appropriate for a family home and will hopefully appeal to shoppers πŸ™‚

wbl4 wbl6this is how it began, i painted a watercolour background for the piece, i wanted it to be subtle and not distract from the detailed pencil work in the picture, and i think lighter softer colours will go better with the ornate frame

wbl3this is the finished one, i painted snow at the bottom and used acrylic to create little snow drops, i wanted to create kitsch pieces that are ready for christmas πŸ™‚

card image 2

a close up of my final creation πŸ™‚
wbl10here are the two pieces together πŸ™‚

i also created a little christmas card illustration but decided not to sell it, i think it will fit me better in my portfolio πŸ™‚

card image one wbl5i like using coloured pencils to create illustrations like these, its excellent drawing practice and allows me to be free with my style and imagination, i like the childlike innocence of the pieces i have created for this project and i may continue the style in further contexts such as creating greetings cards.

now i am going to think about the curating of the exhibition and how to set up the work to make it most appealing to potential customers πŸ™‚


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