In this lecture we aim to wrap up the entire lecture series and begin preparing for our essay writing, in our first lecture we were asked what is Pop Culture, and my answer being that it is instant gratification for those from all class’s, whereas before entertainment, consumerism and so called luxury items were only available to the high class culture and virtually  not achievable for the working class. An example of this changing is when Andy Warhol began creating screen prints, these were cheaper to purchase and it made those from lower classes feel more important because they too could own art work. The western world in the 1950’s was materialistic and everything was visual, advertising became a huge industry and it became a form of art in itself. Pop music was introduced and objects were made to be advertised as desirable, such as sports cars and fancy appliances, it was a chance for people to start enjoying life, or thinking they were buying these things because they would enjoy life with them, after a long hard war.

Consumerism is what we moved onto in week 2, and the face of capitalism, this is where we learnt about Freuds nephew Edward Bernayre who used freuds theories to take advantage and push consumerism, like how he convinced women to smoke cigarettes but advertising it as a penis of sorts, a source of power and independence.  Consumerism has created monsters in the world, like nowadays it creates spoilt children who expect iphones at 10 years old, so this lecture highlighted how consumerism changed the world.

We also looked at Raymond Williams, who in the 1960s was one of the first English Writers to study Pop Culture and how it defines the modern age. We went on to look at forms of culture made up by people, like punks and DIY culture.

I found this lecture series to be disappointing and not at all relating to the list we were given, as semiotics was not even mentioned once yet there was meant to be a whole lecture on this. I liked the lecture referencing the 5 sense’s of design, but to be honest most of the lectures were made up of watching video footage with very little context given to them.





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