I have recently continued my experiment with fan art and created 2 more pieces, I find I like to draw women because so much can be done with feminine beauty and feminine imagery and it fits very well with the style I am developing. I have created 2 more pieces based upon famous Swedish Fashion Blogger Emilia Pastelbat, and another on a costume designer/ famed UK Cosplayer named RubiaSaiyan.  They are pictured below:

emilia rubia

I chose these two women because of their huge fan bases, both in the UK and world wide, I was fortunate enough to meet Rubia ( Supergirl) at a convention last year and we have kept in contact and swap tips on sewing and drawing. I first developed an image of Emilia, shown below. I tried to create the first image from drawing and acrylic paint, but decided I disliked the finish and preferred the cleaner finish I got in photoshop.




below is the line drawing i used to upload to photoshop:


I moved on from this first image to create this simplified line image, the shape of it I like because it could become a print and look very effective as a sticker also. Which is a product I could consider making out of my illustrations


pastelbat 2

This is my finished image of Emilia, I do really like this image and am most pleased with it out of all of my Fan Art themed illustrations. I think the colours work well together and suit her personality well and the shape looks interesting. I really enjoyed creating this piece, I emailed it to her and she replied saying she was pleased with it and happy that I had inspired her. Which was nice but not the desired response, however I uploaded it to social media and it gained 109 likes, which is quite an achievement and I will continue to persevere because I am beginning to hone this style to be quite clean cut looking and I like how its progressing.



IMG_8680 IMG_8682

This is the image I created for Rubia, it features her company name “ChiquititaCosplay” though I would like to re do that section and use a nicer font. I experimented with higlights on this image and I quite like them, I will practice more how to use the brushes on photoshop in order to make them smoother. This image was inspired by an Edwardian costume she had created and elements of a style of my own are emerging, such as the 3 twinkles I have put on each image so far, they are becoming a trademark of my work which I quite like. I emailed this image to Rubia and she said

  “ChiquititacosplayAnother gosh your just amazing!!! It’s beautiful

I wish I cd draw like you, cd you give any advice”

I was flattered by her asking advice on drawing skills and we continued to speak swapping tips, so although I did not gain much publicity on this endeavour I gained a contact who I can ask advice from if I make costumes in future and vice versa.



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