a piece from the exhibition : Chow Chun Fai- “Legend of the fist- China is not ruled by Chinese anyway” 2012 (enamel paint on canvas)(100cm x 150cm)

I attended this exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery earlier this year and am considering it as the exhibition i focus on for my contextual essay. Before i make any decisions i will make a profile of it answering the questions given to us on a handout in our 7th lecture in order for me to assess it on a contextual level.

What is it? What does it look like?

This exhibition is a collection of work by 18 emerging artists from Hong Kong, it is showcased across two large white rooms with high ceilings in the Saatchi Gallery in London. It looks like a very popular exhibition, this could be because it is the first time the majority of the works have been shown outside of Hong Kong and it is the largest showing of Chinese contemporary art so far. I will choose from this exhibition a piece of work to focus upon, this will be because of my personal response to seeing it, how it is displayed and how it has affected me. I will choose a piece i can respond to on a contextual level on the basis of its involvement in either:



Class/ ideas of racism





I am at the moment unsure of whether i review a certain piece of work for this essay or the exhibition as a whole, because this is a group exhibition of all contrasting work it would be a challenge to review as a whole because of its contrasting ideas, but i can certainly review the curatorship of it well because alot of thought must have gone into how to make this exhibition flow well. I bought the exhibition guide for this because i found it so influential and interesting to my work which will be my key text for reviewing this exhibition because it includes information about all of the works in detail. I aim to look at this exhibition from the view point of gender equality and i will investigate whether both genders are equally represented in this group show and if the works are displayed in a way which draws attention towards or away from a particular gender, this also ties in with how gender equality is addressed in Hong Kong itself which allows me to look at newspaper articles and history books on feminism and gender in modern china.


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