today we had a lecture on what our essay draft needs to be about and needs to include, i originally thought we made up our own questions based upon what we had learnt in our lectures so i am quite disappointed that we now have to review an exhibition for our question as i had already decided on a topic! But this gives me a chance to learn more about curating an exhibition which will benefit me greatly for our end of year show.

we were given a handout to help us with the outline of our essay:


Page 156 taken from ,  Mann. S (2011) Study Skills for Art & Design Students Longman essay 1

The essay draft should contain the following:

Essay working title

Summary of essay content:

  • where, when and what ( a brief description)
  • a brief summary of any information that was used in the publicity or in a guide to the exhibition
  • a brief summary of your considerations on the way the exhibition was curated
  • a brief summary of what you found significantly interesting and propose to talk about in your essay in more depth
  • a brief summary of how viewing the exhibition may inform your own practice

and a short list of references





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