Well one of my previous posts was about doing fan art to get my work out there! and it appears that pays off rather well! i did a piece of fan art for a lovely lady named Laura Nguyen aka Lora Win on instagram, she is an Epilepsy/ Special needs advocate which i admire greatly, and she also has amazing fashion sense and pink hair. She liked the piece i created for Eva Cheung so i created one for her which you will see below :


Above is my finished piece, I have begun creating work in this very graphic style using hand drawing, fine lining and then digital colouring and it is a style I wish to explore further because it has given me some attention as an artist. I tagged Laura in the image I uploaded to instagram and it was met with a very pleasing response because she screen shot it and shouted me out to her 19,000 followers, this is an excellent way of receiving publicity. Her compliments also helped me in restoring my faith in my abilities because as an artist it can be easy to doubt whether your doing the right thing. I offered to send her the image, which she then in turn insisted on paying for which made this into a commission piece which I am very pleased about. I am getting a print made of the piece to send to her and I am very pleased with the response to my work.

I am going to continue creating pieces I think for celebrities because if they are noticed it can give you a lot of publicity and it allows me an outlet for making my work public. I also like how this style is progressing and it’s something that I feel I have created for myself, which is satisfying. I am illustrative in artistic nature and enjoyed creating this piece for Laura and hope to further broaden my horizons in this manner. Below are the screenshots of the online reaction to my piece.

below are the screenshots from instagram :


her comment on the original on my instagram!


her shouting out my image to 19,000 followers!


a close up of the comments 🙂

cant wait to send it off to texas to hang proudly on her wall! think this year might be off to a good start!

I am very grateful to Laura for this amazing honor and i hope she enjoys my picture ^^

We shall further discuss when it will be sent and her preferred size of image via private emails , i wish to respect her privacy as a customer and not show these emails 🙂



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