Dilka Bear ( Real name Dilka) was born in Kazakhstan in 1977 and recieved her art education from the Art Department of Almaty State University, she worked as a graphic designer and illustrator before following her passion as a freelance artist. I first saw her work whilst looking for grimms fairytale illustrations and have been avidly following her on her facebook and etsy store every since. Her work is beautiful and emotional and depicts young girls with perception of the world around them which are inspired by fairytales. I love the style of her work and she used acrylic paints, pencils and watercolours to create her various pieces that have been shown in galleries all over the world! i enjoy drawing above all artistic mediums and have decided to look at her and create some pastiches of her work myself, this could relate to my FMP if i choose to go in a drawing direction, which i am certainly passionate about.

here are some of my favorite examples of her work:

HISAKO limited edition print 22/75

this one i adore because i have an interest in oriental culture and arts, and have done 2 projects now centered around the orient. i love the faces of her characters, they look quite alienlike in features but still very beautiful.

dilka has started a new project where she does a drawing every morning, this is one of them, i think this is a good idea which i may start doing myself to practice my drawing skills and hone my style of working! i love this piece especially the watercolour hair!

her work is surreal, which is one of the things i love about it, i was considering creating surrealist imagery for my FMP based upon my dreams, which is an idea i am toying with more so now i am inspired by the surreal works of this artist!

i love the use of white in all of her work, the highlights are perfect and look absolutely stunning!

i have also been thinking more about how i display my work and i am always drawn to ornate frames like this, i think they look wonderful against the detailed drawings and paintings and i would probably paint ornate frames with pastel colours to give a contrast.

 she also uses a variety of materials for her canvas’s, i particularly like this one where she has drawn over sheet music, it adds a new depth to the drawing .

i am going to give it a go doing my own versions of her work and trying out her style of drawing 🙂


1510893_10153680853845151_450358423_n this is my own version of one of her cats, i changed the hat to a christmas hat because it suits the time of year 🙂 i did this using pencil and watercolour
1477485_10153680853720151_283482667_nthis is my second attempt at her style, i based it upon an existing drawing but used my own choice of colours and attire, i think i will try one in paint also 🙂 these 2 are based upon her drawings and watercolours and i am also an admirer of her acrylic paintings.



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