For the Space project i’ve decided to look at Tara Tucker, because i intend to use my drawing skills alot in this project to depict my Beijing Experience, i’d like to study her style of drawing because its so beautiful and intricate.

she uses graphite pencils to draw her pieces with, and i dont know how but hers never look smudged so this is something i need to practice! and how she draws hair is unbelievable realistic also!

Tara was born in Santa Barbara in California in 1970, her work has been exhibited in many galleries all over the USA and she’s been mentioned in Art Publications and won awards such as fellowships with various universitys and her entire art education was funded by a full scholarship from Santa Barbara College of Creative Studies.

Tara has always been inspired by any visual work that addresses the physical being and the mysteries of the body and its inner workings. Her Studio in West Berkeley has lots of reference books on flowers and animals and she is all about the details, every whisker and petal has to be just right. She always starts with drawing the face, so do i ๐Ÿ™‚ and she keeps a childlike sensibility to her work. Every animal she draws represents a person in her life.

i have drawn her fish and her emu drawing in my artist reference ๐Ÿ™‚

1013878_10154025610525151_1197229264_nย fish in blue biro10009286_10154066226810151_1828202527132480358_n (1) 10154030_10154066227190151_5429027585181907725_nemu in black felt tip



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