To introduce the space project we have undertaken a Guerilla Gardening group activity, it involves using garden to respond to and improve a public space. We have chosen to use the Norman King Pub that burnt down, it’s a grade 2 listed building and was a landmark for the town. It stands in ruin as it cannot be rebuilt and we have decided to try and give it back some of the life it had when it was open, using domestic objects and plants, combining natural and man made. This project was influenced by other artists who respond to public spaces like Steve Wheens and Andy Goldsworthy. We decided to do this as a group because its a large space to respond too and it was a fun activity. We sourced domestic objects that we thought reflected the antique pub atmosphere from charity shops and our own homes, and planted them up with colourful flowers and plants. We sought permission from the owner of the Norman King, the Old Palace Lodge next door, who said we could put up the installation to photograph but the didnt want it left there. I chose to plant up a lampshade with trailing ivy, to give the impression of the light that used to be in the pub, callum and i planted up a small chest of draws also, and we together planted up wine glasses to show the purpose of the old building, and linda planted up pairs of trousers and coats to signify the people that stayed there. We all took the items down to the Norman King and did several arrangements before deciding on one and photographing it, members of the public walked by and some were intrigued by what we were doing and when we told them they laughed or it put a smile on their faces, which is the aim, to inject some life back into an old building that was once the heart and soul of the town. People were telling us their memories of the Norman king which was nice, to get people reliving the pub in its former glory. i think we succeeded in temporarily transforming the space to get people to acknowledge its purpose and what it was like before it was burnt down 🙂

overall a very successful first response to a space to prepare us for the rest of our project to come.

below are photographs from the activity.



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