For work based learning I have been contemplating ways of getting my work noticed on a larger scale, with the use of social media which is a popular advertising tool now. It is also a much more accessible method of publicising work. Last year I had the experience with Rebecca Losada who published my work on her Art Page on facebook, which gained me praise and interest from the public. I have decided to try this using Fan Art, which is creating art of idols and celebrities and “Tagging” them in it in the hope of recognition on a large scale, it is also a way of advertising your art without paying too. Fan art reaches influential people, people who could open certain doors if they like the work. The piece I first created was for a Japanese Model and Designer than I admire named Eva Cheung, she may seem an unconventional choice because her following is based in another country but I felt my style reflected her public persona and made sense to approach her with it. This style I have been experimenting with is graphic illustration in style, using block colours, often in pastel tones with fine but defined black line work. The piece I created I posted onto Instagram, which is a photo sharing social media where I first discovered Eva Cheung and where I know she has a profile. I used “Hashtags” In various subjects that related to the piece in order to get it out in the public eye to those who have similar interests.  It was well received and I was very happy with the response to my first piece, Eva herself clicked the “Like” button on it and although she didn’t publicly acknowledge it , it’s a step in the right direction because I gained many new followers from this experiment, which could one day become clients.



This is my finished piece, I coloured it digitally using photoshop which I am inexperienced in but I am pleased with the result. Next time I experiment with the style I will spend more time on the photoshopping and try to create more depth within the work using highlights as another experiment.

I enjoyed this activity and it has opened a new door for me marketing my work, and I will continue to use it to market my work in hope it will receive a larger scale of public awareness.

I enjoyed creating this piece and the style suits me and I will expand upon it. I shall aim for this kind of publicity with other fan art related work, Eva has 230,000 followers to it would be a good move to get her on side.


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