At the start of the term we were introduced to a competition we could enter for the prestigious kitchen and homeware designers Brabantia, this competition was to design an image suitable for a kitchen bin of theirs. To begin this project we split off into groups and looked up the various aspects of the competition and presented them to eachother so that we would know all we needed to know before designing anything. My group looked up the rules, terms and conditions and how to enter. The winner will be the new pattern for their global canister range and would win a trip for two to milan! The runner up will have their design printed onto a bin for them to keep 🙂

Below are my designs, i designed and submitted 3 different designs: 2 based upon the same painting i did because they looked very modern and fresh when i edited them in photoshop, and one last minute one after seeing alot of pastel coloured kitchen items in john lewis and dunelm and the array of childlike themed designs on the brabantia website.

Scan1111 this is my first design that makes up the 2 “pixel” designs i uploaded to brabantia, i was experimenting with pastel acrylic paint, a silver pen and a fine liner, this was influenced by the bark pattern on trees 🙂

Scan1112This design was my novelty submission, i like designing characters and practicing my drawing skills so this was a good opportunity for me to come up with my rainbow pony 😛 i didnt expect many votes from it it was just an entry for fun because i like drawing this style of character.

Below are my edited versions of the designs ready for submission

pony idea

the pony idea, which i named going around (like a merry go round) looked like this, i thought it flowed nicely around the shape of the bin but would be better for a childs bedroom perhaps rather than a kitchen but i enjoyed creating it 🙂Untitled-1This is the design i called the “pixel tree” when i edited the original painting on photoshop the bark patterns began to look like pixels and computer parts like from a motherboard, i liked how something organic had begun to look so manmade so i submitted this version as well.

this is my favorite design that i submitted, it looks like computer parts have influenced its design too but the colours make it fresh and clean and thats what i would want from a bin. I was very proud of this design because i was just experimenting with materials and doodling when this idea formed and i really enjoyed seeing it come together!

below is my evaluation of this project:

Evaluation of Brabantia “Pimp My Print” Competition

Total of votes on each design:

The pastel pixel- 8

The pixel tree- 3

Going Around- 1

This intention of this task was to design an image to go on a Brabantia Bin, this would then be voted upon by the general public and by Brabantia themselves and the winner would have their design printed onto a series of Brabantia products to be sold, and a trip to Milan. The runner up would get a bin of their own design made for them.  We were told we could submit old work or new work for this competition but as I didn’t have anything I deemed suitable I first designed a new piece, I was inspired by nature for this piece and especially patterns on trees, like the bark patterns. I created this using pastel acrylic paints and a silver pen to mark make and finally a black fine liner to create the bark patterns. I wanted to do something quite modern and contemporary because Brabantia’s designs are very modern and clean and what you want in a bin is that it looks clean and fresh and not like its full of rubbish. I then used this design to scan it into photoshop and play with filters and colours to create something that looks professional and is in the correct format to submit, I came up with 2 colour ways for this design, a clean white version where the lines had become pastel , I though this would work for a kitchen because white is clean and fresh and neutral so it would go with most appliances. I also did a black version (in negative) which would also suit a modern kitchen but is slightly more edgy and design forward. Both designs are not gender specific and would be quite at home in a kitchen I hope! My third design was just for fun, I noticed whilst looking at other competition entries that there were lots of bins themed around children’s imagery, I also looked in shops to see what colour trends were popular and especially in John Lewis and Dunelm I saw a lot of pretty pastel colours, these would be more gender specific to women but I wanted to explore the concept anyway. I decided on a pastel carousel theme because I thought it would go well on a round bin, I designed my own carousel horse and then scanned it to the computer and added colour and repeated the pattern to create my design. It got the least votes but this could also be because I didn’t advertise it as well using social media because it was a last minute idea.

Before designing we did group presentations so that we knew all we could about the competitions rules and regulations and what they would expect from the designs, I think I met the criteria well because my designs are all original and created specifically for this purpose, they were all the right size and submitted correctly also. I did try using social media like facebook to advertise my design but people found it a nuisance that you had to sign up to brabantia to vote, this is something they could consider changing in future competitions. Next time I could also try advertising my design in other ways like visiting relatives and friends and asking them to vote for me.

I quite enjoyed this competition because I had complete control over what I was creating, and I like my abstract tree pattern design very much and think it suited the purpose,  I don’t have as many votes as other competitors so I wont be winning this competition but it was good for my professional practice to work on a brief for a specific product and I learnt more about computer image manipulation.


From here i will definitely be on the look out for other competitions to enter!



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